Shaman Woodbine
First Introduced
I bes Woodbine, Shaman the great, sap for blood, and master of many....
  — Woodbine, to herself

Shaman Woodbine was a high ranking Pagan Shaman in TDS, leading the group entrusted with keeping the Jacknall's Paw. She told Fangwort to get the sanctuary map from Leafer, but never received it.[1]

She keeps the secret of the "Ritual Of The Root" written in a book on her bed. The three gifts of water, moss, and blood are needed to remove the Jacknall's Paw from the clutches of the Heartoak, a massive tree.[2]

She also told Reed to keep his Bronze Beetle with him always because of Dyan's vision of the precious trinket being stolen.[3]

Woodbine had found a ruby Hammerite statuette in an old ruined factory in the area and Dyan had gave her instructions not to touch it due to Hammerite curses.[4]


  • Woodbine 1
  • Woodbine 2
  • Woodbine 3


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