The Wayside Dock District (aka Wayside) is a district of The City encountered in Thief II.[1]


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Wayside Docks

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The Wayside Dock District (also known as Wayside for short) contains Rampone Dockside Shipping, one of the biggest shipping companies in the City. The smuggler's around Captain Davidson are quite active here, their main business is the illegal import of spice.

Wayside's populace is said to consist primarily of whores and moneymongers, while crime has become so rampant that thugs are willing to rob armed guards in broad daylight.[2] Gorman Truart is known to be a patron of a local brothel under the pseudonym Norman Druart.[3]


Wayside and Wayside Dock District appear be used interchangeably. Wayside being the short hand name for the same district. There is some uncertainty as to whether different names also relate to this district.

Wayside and Wayside Dock District are missing from Thief: Deadly Shadows. A district simply named "the Docks" exists, but it's unclear if this is a new area or a renaming. According to Ramirez's dossier, a location named "Docks" constitutes part of Webster's territory.[4] It is unclear if this is the same district, however.

Another possible name "Dockside" is mentioned in Thief 2, it is not entirely clear if this a reference to Wayside, the Docks, or perhaps a third region altogether. The fact that it is incorporated into the name of Rampone's business may indicate it is associated with Wayside.

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  • Wayside is mentioned in but four references in Thief series. This includes two guards referring to it simply as "Wayside" in Thief Gold, and address on two documents referring to it as Wayside Dock District in thief 2.
  • The name "Wayside" may have nautical roots instead of or in addition to the conventional meaning of the word. Ways (or slipways), in ship-building, are the ramps down which a ship is pushed in order to be launched.


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