Basic InfoEdit


Cost: 200 gold in T2 (not present in T1/TG/T3)

Attack: causes damage like a normal Broadhead Arrow

Stealth Bonus: Yes

Areas they can be found: forests, near greenery, Viktoria's Maw, where Pagans dwell

Length: 3.38 DromEd Units


  • as a mean of getting to areas otherwise unreachable
  • as an alternative path of infiltration or escape
  • as a quick mean of avoiding patrols

Tactical InformationEdit

The Vine Arrow is introduced and only available in Thief II: The Metal Age. It copies the properties of the Rope Arrow, with the additional ability to stick to grill-work. Since The Metal Age has begun in The City, thieves have found themselves in the need of a Rope Arrow that can be used without the need of wooded surfaces. Thus the Vine Arrow gradually found its firm place in the merchant shops. When shot into wood, grass, or grill-work it releases a hanging vine liana, that has the same properties as the Rope Arrow's rope. In truth however, the grill metal surface is quite rare in most Thief 2 missions (except Sabotage At Soulforge), or it's not in a good position for sticking and climbing, so the Vine Arrow is mainly used as a heir to the Rope Arrow.

Arrow CharacteristicsEdit


Vine Arrow making is only known by Pagan fletchers. The tip is made of an unknown crystal that is believed to be a relation to the moss-producing earth crystals. The arrows themselves are enchanted with Viktoria's magic and are smuggled in The City via a contraband channel and the proper bribes. The arrow's head has the capabilities of sticking not only to wood and grass, but grill-work as well. Then it releases a vine rope that descents to the ground, until it reaches a solid surface or its maximum possible length.