Haunts cathedral

Hammerite haunts guard the gemstone the Eye. This artifact is famous for having influence on the dead.

The undead are all creatures that are formerly deceased humans, but move and behave as if they are alive. They can be seen in a semi-spiritual form like the Apparitions or in the form of rotting flesh and bones like Zombies or Haunts. The Undead can be summoned by practitioners of necromancy, by disturbance of their burial grounds, or by curses. The Undead activity is usually a massive phenomenon as they tend to wander in groups, and when one corpse has risen from death, others are likely to follow. They can usually be found in tombs like the Bonehoard, near graveyards or non-populated areas where they rest uneasy. All Undead creatures have an inherent hostility towards the living, although certain powerful entities can have an influence over them.

They are horrific and quite difficult foes as they are fearless and never flee from battle. All Undead are resistant to conventional weapons like swords and regular arrows and are also immune to knock-out gas.

Despite their claims that undeath is the consequence of a sinful life, many Hammerites have been brought back to life as Haunts, Apparitions, and Zombies.[1] All these abominations may be found within sacred Hammerite territories where their graves have been desecrated.



The undead are almost always found in great numbers, and will never back down from a fight. Additionally, many conventional attacks, such as from a sword, Broadhead Arrow, or knockout gas from a Gas Arrow or Gas Mine often have no effect on them, making them dangerous and relentless enemies.


Undead have a strong vulnerability to bright light attacks such as from Flash Bombs, Explosive Weapons, fire, backstabbing, Holy Water, and special blessed weapons. Fire Shadows are extremely vulnerable to water based attacks.


  • According to a letter found within the abandoned Keeper facility of the Sealed Section, Keeper Andrus expressed concern regarding the Trickster and the danger he posed to the entire city and their order.[2] It is possible that the Cataclysm was related to the Pagan God.

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