A timeline of major events in Thief. Minor events are discussed on the Storyline page.

Ancient HistoryEdit

The order of events in ancient history are not clearly known.

  • At an unknown period of time, The Trickster leads man and beast in the ways of nature and chaos. The Master Builder, however, leads man in the ways of tools and order.

Destruction of Kurshok civilization; The Great FallEdit

  • The Trickster casts out the once revered Kurshok.[1][2] They have not seen the surface since, and eventually, cease to believe it exists entirely.

Fall of The TricksterEdit

DromEd Object Model Painting PAINT1

A possible depiction of The Master Builder fighting The Trickster.

  • At some point, the Builder and the Trickster clash, with the Trickster defeated.[3]


Destruction of Precursor civilization; The Extinction/CataclysmEdit

  • Karath-din is swallowed up by the earth.[7] Cause is unknown, but Karras claims The Master Builder cast them down for not bringing The Builder's Paradise to the world.[8]

The HagEdit

  • The Hag begins to collect glyph powers, The Ancient Keepers create the Sentient safeguards.[9]

Recent HistoryEdit

The EyeEdit

Year xx8?-84Edit

(+50 years prior to TDP) The Catastrophe[11]

Current HistoryEdit

  • Interpreter Diocen retires his position, and Caduca takes his place.[16]
  • Garrett joins the Keepers around the age of 10, and undergoes Keeper training.[17]
  • Garrett, in his twenties,[18] decides to use his skill for other means, leaves the Keepers to begin his life of crime.[19]
  • The Hag, using the name 'Gamall' and using Lauryl's form, is discovered by the Keepers, and begins translating.

Year xx34[20]Edit

Thief: The Dark Project events (the first age)

The Dark Project Ends

  • Karras founds the Mechanist Order and begins his rise to power.
  • Truart takes control of the City Watch.
  • The Hammerites begin to lose influence.
  • Gaining the trust of the Watch, the Nobility, and businessmen alike, the Mechanists begin a large grab for power, despite being a very new splinter group.

Year xx35-36Edit

Thief II: The Metal Age events (the second age)
OriginalTMASite Storyline
  • The Watch begins rounding up all criminal elements for the Servant project.
  • Garrett inadvertently walks into a trifecta of the City Watch, his old enemy Viktoria, and the Keeper Prophecy.
  • Garrett and Viktoria work together to thwart Karras's plans to destroy all biological life in The City, and end up killing him in the process. Viktoria sacrifices herself at Soulforge Cathedral.

The Metal Age Ends

  • After the death of Karras, the Mechanists quickly fall from power.
  • The City Watch, Nobility and businesses quickly drop most or all ties to the Mechanists.
  • Surviving Mechanists are put on trial.[26]

Year ?-?Edit

Thief: Deadly Shadows events (the third age)

  • The Hammerites slowly return to power after the fall of the Mechanists.
  • Garrett is accused of murder, and is hunted by the Keepers.
  • The Hag disguised as an old woman attacks Garrett,[27] leading to the aid of Inspector Drept.[28]
  • The Hag returns to her true form when Garrett frees Lauryl's soul from the Cradle. The Hag goes on a rampage through the Keeper Compound.[29][30]
  • Aided by the Keepers and Drept, Garrett defeats the Hag.

The Unwritten TimesEdit

  • After the Hag's capture, all prophecy, every glyph, and every bit of Keeper magic is destroyed. All books are empty, and building appear in the city out of nowhere.[31]
  • Garrett leads the remaining Keepers.
  • Garrett catches a pick-pocket, akin to how the Keepers found Garrett.[32] [33]


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