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...the dreaded One may be peasant or noble, may be old or young, may be man or woman. We know what the One will do...we know it all too well. But we still know nothing about who the One is...
  — Excerpt from the Archival Keeper Council Transcripts: F.K. Modrian, Book VI, Chapter 3

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Featured Article - Lt. Mosley

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Mosley is the only one any of us can trust.
  — Vice Detective

Mosley was a Lieutenant during Sheriff Truart's Watch. Unlike the Sheriff and Lt. Hagen, Mosley was a good cop, an idealist, believing in The Watch and her role in it. Under her command, crime was fought not only harder, but smarter, by arresting bookkeepers and fences. The downside to this is a heavy naivete, where Mosley doesn't understand that Truart is indulging in prostitution, or that her secret Pagan contact is plotting to kill her.

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