Thief: Deadly Shadows Mobile is the mobile phone game version of Thief: Deadly Shadows, which follows a similar storyline, in two episodes.

You are Garrett, the master thief. In the city where Garrett resides, crime and corruption are commonplace, wealthy nobles prey on the poor, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily. Attempting to stop the fabric of the city from unraveling are the Keepers, they warn of a Dark Age approaching, and Garrett's name appears in their prophecies ...prominently. The Keepers turn to Garrett in their hour of need, and reluctantly he agrees to help them. Garrett follows clues from the Keepers and his own information of valuable merchandise into castles, mansions, cathedrals, dungeons and museums, past armed guards intent on putting a stop to the skilled thief's endeavours. Tensions rise as Garrett uncovers facts and steals treasures that the Keepers wish to remain hidden.

Someone or something in the Keeper organization is trying to protect an ancient, dark secret... and Garrett is getting too close. It would seem that Garrett's search for answers has only uncovered more questions; who is responsible for framing him? And why is someone or something so desperate to have the master thief out of the picture? Uncover the truth for yourself in Thief: Deadly Shadows Episode 2.

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Thief: Deadly Shadows Mobile


  • Garrett, a thief of enviable reputation, resides in a city where crime and corruption are commonplace. In order to keep his head above water in such a place he must be the best at what he does, something which comes naturally to this creature of the night.
  • Keepers - The Keepers turn to Garrett in their hour of need, and reluctantly he agrees to help them. Garrett follows clues from the Keepers and his own information about valuable merchandise, leading him into castles, mansions, cathedrals, dungeons and museums, past armed guards intent on putting a stop to the skilled thief's endeavours. Tensions rise as Garrett uncovers facts and steals treasures that the Keepers wish to remain hidden.
  • Lord Julian
  • Heartless Perry
  • Edgar
  • Reginald
  • The Duchess
  • Orland
  • Caduca
  • Gamall



Once you complete a mission during the story game, you can replay it at any time by using the "Single Mission" menu.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


Each mission ends with a rating:

  • You have much to learn before you can call yourself a master thief.
  • A valiant attempt, but you have some way to go yet.
  • You're getting closer, don't give up now.
  • Impressive! Your skills as a thief are almost faultless... but not quite.



  • Lock Picks - The pick lock icon appears when a lock can be picked. Use the correct combination of Up, Down, Left and Right to pick the lock. The individual lock barrels will change colour to indicate success.
  • Map
  • Key
  • The Mechanical Eye
  • Light Meter



  • Gem
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Jade
  • Diamond
  • Ruby


  • Goblet
  • Plate
  • Candlestick


  • LEFT - joypad left
  • RIGHT - joypad right
  • UP - joypad up
  • DOWN - joypad down
  • ACTION --
  • HIDE --
  • PAUSE --

Use left and right to move. You can hide in the shadows by pressing hide. Watch the light meter to determine how visible you are. You can choose to look into a room by pressing action. You can enter the room by pressing action again, or back out by pressing left or right.

During the missions, Garrett can run by double tapping left or right. To move onto staircases, you use the diagonal movement keys. Use up and down to cycle through the inventory items and the currently available action. The action key takes out and swings the blackjack, drinks potions, throws bombs, fires arrows, opens/unlocks doors (and chests) and picks up bodies.

You will automatically bend down to pick up items if you walk over them.

Some torches can be extinguished using a water arrow. Cycle through your inventory using the up and down until a water arrow is selected. Use action to fire the arrow and put out the torch.

You can crouch behind someone and press action to pick their pocket. If they move your pickpocket attempt will fail, so careful timing is required.

If you creep up behind someone and use the blackjack you can dispose of them silently. Don't forget to hide the body in order to prevent your detection. Bodies will be visible to guards if they are in well lit areas, and new guards will be sent to patrol the area.

Sometimes is it impossible to remain undetected. Dispose of this guard using a gas bomb. Press the action key to aim, then press it again to throw the bomb.

On the rooftops, Garrett always runs. Pressing action will jump, as long as Garrett can land safely. He will not fall from edges.

There are no guards or puzzles on the rooftops, Garrett must simply reach the goal as quickly as possible.

Pressing pause during a game accesses the map, mission objectives and allows you to quit or restart the current mission.

Fences and shopsEdit

After selling whatever loot you have to the Fence , you can purchase new items with your cash. Use left and right to select items, and action to make a purchase.

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Ahh, here's Lord Julian. Now to steal his bag...
...Anyway that Lord Julian has a big mouth, yammering on about a huge Opal that he has, maybe we should teach him a lesson and take it?
Nah, it's not with him. He's got it locked up in Rutherford Castle!

I got a tip last night from my fence, Heartless Perry. Seems a nobleman going by the name of Lord Julian checked in at a local inn, tightly clutching a velvet bag. There's sure to be something of value in the bag, I'll know for definite when I relieve him of it...

The velvet bag didn't contain anything of great value, but the information I gleaned about the huge Opal should pay dividends once I've stolen it.

Steal Lord Julian's bag from his room.
Steal 50 of the available loot from the inn.
Leave the inn once you have the bag and some loot.

That's the last thing I needed to do.
I think I'll stick around a bit longer, there are still things I should do.

Avoid stumbling on steam vents by jumping with the ACTION (--) button.
Jump gaps with the ACTION (--) button, running jumps will carry you further.

I decided to wait before I went after the Opal. The nobles were having a reception at the castle, so the night would be better spent going after some other loot. I knew just the place; a large mansion on the outskirts of the city would provide ample loot and a chance to brush up on my combat skills.

Not bad for a night's looting and any cash I earned could be used to buy more equipment for the next job.

Steal enough loot to make the break-in worthwhile.
Render two guards unconscious.
Escape from the mansion without being captured.

The mechanical eye can be used to identify any upcoming dangers. Select it from the inventory then use LEFT(--) and RIGHT(--) to move it around.

Might be wise to stay a while longer, I think there's more loot to find.
It was high time I gave that Opal a good home. Rutherford castle was well known for having many valuable treasures so any other items which I found on my search would be an added bonus.
This stone should make a tidy profit and it will be easy to move when it is broken up into smaller pieces.

Find and steal the Rutherford Opal.
Flee the Castle.

The opal is sure to be hidden away in a safe place, difficult to locate and well guarded no doubt. All in a nights work...
It should be worth the climb, even if the opal isn't at the top.
Well, if nothing else I'll get some exercise tonight.
I should find the opal before I leave...

The Keepers asked me to steal a Holy Chalice for them from a church I know fairly well. A simple enough job and any other loot I happened to come across was most welcome.
Retrieving something of value to the Keepers would keep me in their good books for a time. I was eager to avoid making anymore enemies than I already had, so I planned to deliver the Chalice as requested.

Look for any clues on where the Chalice is hidden.
Find and steal the Holy Chalice.
Escape the church from where you entered the building.

That's the Chalice safely in my possession, high time I left this church.
I can't leave without the Chalice...
The Chalice is sure to be in the church tower.

So you're sure the Chalice is safe?
For the last time, YES! Don't fret holy man; the only key which can open the chest is safely locked up in the crypt.
Well, it's a valuable artifact so be on your guard...

I decided the Keepers could wait a while for the Holy Chalice, I knew it was of considerable value to them so letting them stew was all the more satisfying. In the meantime I had heard of a wealthy Duchess' mansion which would provide ample looting possibilities.

A pretty good night's work, not my biggest haul but certainly worth the effort. I guessed it was probably time to pay the Keepers a visit with the Holy Chalice...

Gain access to the master bedroom.
Locate and open the safe.
Recover at least 50 of the loot available.
Steal the Duchess' treasure

There are scuff marks around this fireplace that look a little out of place.

Edgar! Did you hear that rumour about Lord Julian getting mugged?!
I know the Duchess certainly has, which is why she has all these guards here now protecting her treasure.

The spare key to her bedroom is being looked after by Reginald too. I saw it in his room.
Dunno why HE has it though. The Duchess doesn't even trust him that much...
What? This can't be the Duchess' fabled treasure! It must be somewhere else.
I can hear voices coming from the nearby room...

...Did you see how the Duchess glared at me when I was washing the fireplace out?
I know! Ever since the Lord Julian incident she's been very funny about that fireplace in the lounge.
It's almost as if she doesn't want anyone too close to it...

Excellent! Now to slip out of here quick. The front entrance should do.
It would be wise for me to stick around for a while, there's sure to be more loot in a place like this.

I considered selling the Holy Chalice, I'm sure my fence would've given me a good price for it. But - at least for now - I wanted to keep close to the Keepers and that meant co-operating with them. Besides, I could use the returning of the Chalice as an excuse to steal some other items from the Keeper compound.
Something caused the guards to get twitchy and it certainly wasn't me. Even stranger, Orland wasn't around to take the Chalice off me. Something is amiss here.

Gain access to the meeting room.
Return the Holy Chalice to a Keeper named Orland.
Exit the Keeper compound via the entry point.

Armed guards at the Keeper Compound? I best tread carefully.
Now I can access the infamous meeting room and return this Chalice to Orland.
Still no sign of any Keepers, if I didn't know better I'd swear I was in the wrong place. 
What was that noise? It sounded like a muffled scream. Something is definitely amiss here, time to make my escape since Orland is nowhere to be seen.
Much as I would like to keep this Chalice for myself, I'd best return it to Orland...

It turned out that a Keeper by the name of Caduca was murdered the previous night. That would explain the behaviour of the guards. I thought it would be best to lie low for a while and stick to looting an old haunt - The Black Bull Inn.
Will they ever learn? I must have plundered that place more times than I can remember. Still, mustn't complain when the pickings are so good.

Pick the pockets of at least 3 inn patrons. Locate and open the inn safe.
Avoid harming innocent characters. Leave the inn with the loot.
To complete this mission, you must not harm any innocent characters. Easy money.

Now keep it safe and you may get more responsibility in the future, my boy.
Don't fret. It's as safe as houses tucked away in my pocket.
Well, you can't be too careful with the type of custom you get in this city...Interesting...
...They say it was a cold blooded murder; one of the Keepers was the victim by all accounts.
Well, there are guards all over the city looking for the murderer.
Murder? I don't like the sound of this.
There's sure to be more loot for me to acquire before I call it a night.
It came to my attention that I was the one being blamed for the murder of Caduca. I could see how this decision had been reached since was within the vicinity when she was killed.
I know I didn't kill her, but someone did. I smelled a rat, a rat by the name of Orland. I thought I would pay a visit to Orland's abode to see what I could unearth.
Not the fact finding mission I would've hoped for. However I did have some leads which could bring me closer to identifying who or what was behind the attempt to incarcerate me.

Search Orland's quarters on the top floor for any information that might implicate him.
Find the glyph.
Exit the compound.

I believe Orland's quarters are on the top floor of the building.
The guard presence seems to be increasing the closer I get to the top floor.

Be on your guard watchman, if the glyph behind this door falls into the wrong hands the master won't be pleased upon his return.
Yes, Sir!

So Orland is away for the evening. It may be worthwhile recovering this glyph since it seems to be of some value.
Ahh I see. This glyph permits access to the inner Keeper compound. I may be able to learn more about the recent murder there. I think it's time to make an exit.
Seems like this door is locked from the other side...
Leaving now would seem a bit premature, there's sure to be more information to gather in this area.

Thieves Highway
I shouldn't keep this loot for too long, and the streets are best avoided at night. I know a trustworthy fence and the city rooftops are the quickest way to reach him. 
Reach the fence as fast as possible.

Thanks to Garrett's skill as a thief the City is at peace once more, the infamous phantom can return to being a whisper on the breeze, a hint of shadow that only the most observant may ever catch a glimpse of. They may not be aware he's there, but he'll always be watching...

It had become clear that Garrett was being framed for a murder he had not committed. It was going to take all his cunning to uncover the real offender and clear his name.

The master thief was definitely closing in on the killer, his identity would soon be revealed thanks to a valuable book Garrett had stolen, the Keepers Compendium. Who knew what secrets would be revealed once the pages had been translated?

... y'see the secret is to hoard your valuables away where no one will find them.
Knowing you, the vault is hidden in some secret passageway somewhere. You're getting 'warmer'...
There seems to be something written here. 'D,U,R,R,L' What could it mean?
There's certain to be plenty of loot here.
This large fireplace looks somewhat out of place, even in a mansion as grand as this...
This will do nicely for one night, time to flee before anyone gets suspicious.
I thought it best to take some time out to ponder my next move. What better place to consider this than the luxury dwellings of a wealthy nobleman? The lax security would give me plenty of opportunity to think while still keeping my thievery skills pin-sharp.
Despite a good haul my mind was still focused on the mystery surrounding the recent murder. The only course of action was to have a nose around the Keepers' Inner Compound, and to do that I would need a map of the layout. The city library seemed like my best bet...

Obtain a clue about the location of the vault
Open the vault and take whatever is inside
Recover at least 50 of the available loot
Exit the mansion

Not a bad haul, time to call it a night and make my escape.
There's sure to be more to discover here. No need to leave just yet.
Avoid stumbling on steam vents by jumping with the ACTION (--) button.
Jump gaps with the ACTION (--) button, running jumps will carry you further.
While I knew there would be a map of the layout of the Keepers' Inner Compound at the library I also figured it would be quite well hidden. The Keepers weren't the type to give out important information easily.
With the map safely in my possession I could safely enter the most well protected area of the Keeper Compound. I was bound to find something of interest there.

Locate and steal the map for the Keepers' Inner Compound
Keep any casualties to a minimum
Leave the library
Probably best to avoid any confrontation, enough blood has been spilled recently.

I wasn't expecting any security, all the more reason to stay hidden.
The mechanical eye can be used to identify any upcoming dangers. Select it from the inventory then use LEFT(--) and RIGHT(--) to move it around.
This key looks far too small for a door, perhaps it unlocks a chest...
This should prove invaluable when trying to find my way around the Keepers' Inner Compound. Time to make a move.
Sometimes is it impossible to remain undetected. Dispose of this guard using a gas bomb.
Press the ACTION (--) key to aim, then press it again to throw the bomb.

I can't leave without that map.

It had been a long time since I had stepped into the Keepers' Inner Compound and I was anxious to make this visit as quick as possible, find what I needed and get out of there.
So the Keepers' Compendium was kept in the Keeper library. Fairly obvious when I thought about it. I would need to get that book since it would surely shed some light on recent events.

Find evidence which could lead to the identification of Caduca's killer
Avoid any bloodshed
Find out where the Compendium is located
Escape the Keepers' Inner Compound
To complete this mission you must avoid harming other characters

I can hear voices up ahead...

Why has the book been moved?
That's not your concern; however I will say that the compendium is much more secure in its current location.

This 'Keeper Compendium' may provide some of the answers I seek.
Too small to be a door key, must be for something else.
This one looks nervous, might be worth my while to check the contents of his pockets.
According to the Compound map, the Keeper Compendium should be somewhere in this room...
Hmm, an empty space where the compendium used to sit. There's a note: "The great book now resides in the Keeper library to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands - Gamal"
I'm not going to learn any more here tonight, time I was gone.
I'll need more information before I can call it a night.
I was still none the wiser on who had framed me, but the book I sought was my only lead so I had to follow it. The Keeper library beckoned.
Well, I had successfully retrieved the book but the words inside meant nothing to me. I would need to take it to an associate at the cathedral for translation...

Search for any information on where the Compendium is stored
Steal the Keepers' Compendium
Obtain at least 60 of the loot available
Flee from the keeper Library

It's likely the Compendium will be hidden, away from the regular transcripts and books.
Something is engraved on the statue: "Between shadow and light, order and chaos are the society of Keepers"
Typical Keeper nonsense...
Now I'm getting somewhere...

It's still secure, fear not.
I don't trust these guards, idiots the lot of them! Not to mention that cellar, which is far from being an ideal location for the artifact.
Well it's your watch now, so you can keep an eye on things.
Oh I intend to.

I'm getting close now, I can feel it.
This must be a decoy, but that book is bound to be nearby.
Ahhh, a guarded chest. That must be what I seek.
My presence has not gone unnoticed, I must flee...
I can't leave yet...
I thought it best not to risk going to the cathedral since there was a service on this particular night and there was now a price on my head. My fence had told me of a bejeweled golden crown hidden away at the Monteque castle. It seemed like a perfect time to investigate this tip.
A relatively easy way to make a nice sum of money, but my thoughts kept returning to the compendium. I would have to get it translated soon.

Find out where the crown is hidden
Locate and steal the crown
Steal at least 70 of the loot available
Exit the castle with the stolen loot

According to my sources the basement entrance to the castle is around here somewhere...

So you've written it down?
Yes sir, it's right here in my pocket. The crown is well protected.
Best be on guard, that item has considerable value.

So the crown is being guarded on the North Tower. I should be able to cut across from this side when I reach the roof.
This place is falling apart! Guess I'll have to find another route to the North Tower.
That's a lot of loot for one night, best get it to my fence without delay.
I have more to do before I leave this area.

It was time to discover what secrets this book held. My acquaintance at the cathedral was on the third floor. I thought it best to keep my presence unknown given my current wanted status, plus the fact the cathedral would be littered with innocents.

It seemed the Compendium detailed a prophecy involving myself and five artefacts, one of which was the chalice I had acquired for Orland. I figured it best to recover the other four items before someone else did.

Ascertain the whereabouts of your contact in the cathedral
Rendezvous with your associate on the third floor
Complete all objectives without harming anyone
To complete this mission you must avoid harming other characters

I have no quarrel with these people so violence is something I'd like to avoid.
There's a note here: "Garrett, meet me in my study on the third floor".
This wall is impassable, there must be another way around...
The city watch is out in force, even the roof of this sacred building is being watched. I best tread carefully.

I had my doubts about you making an appearance this evening after recent events.
It's because of recent events that I ask for your help, holy man.
Very well Garrett, I will do what I can for you.

Don't want to hang around here for too long 
The location of the first two items was known to me. They were exhibits at the Hammerite Museum. Security would be tight but I would feel a lot safer having those artefacts in my possession.
Only two more artefacts to obtain. Seems Gamall - the Keeper translator - is the one who is implicating me since I saw her looking for the two items as I was leaving. I would have no time to waste in stealing the final two objects.

Gain entry to the Hammerite Museum via the roof
Find Jacknall's Paw and steal it
Find the Kurshok Crown and steal it
Leave the museum via your entry point

Should be interesting.
That's got to be one of the artefacts, but first the small matter of these two guards.
Only one more item to get. Jacknall's Paw should be somewhere in this museum.
That's the last item on the list for tonight, time to get out of here! Now to find the Kurshok Crown...
If I'm not mistaken that's Gamall, the Keeper translator. No doubt she is also looking for the same artefacts as me.
I had to get those artefacts before Gamall. The mystical powers she commanded would surely get stronger if she were to beat me to them. The final two artefacts were stored at the Wieldstrom museum and I couldn't afford to waste any time in obtaining them. 
After securing all five of the artefacts I was able to return them to their rightful places and prevent Gamall from taking control of the city. I thought it wise to lie low for a while... though not too long...

Too late! Gamall is now aware that you have the artefacts, you must reach the exit before she detects you.

Find your way into the museum via the basement
Locate the Heart and steal it
Locate the Eye and steal it
Escape from the museum via the roof before Gamall becomes aware of your presence

This passage should lead directly to the Wieldstrom museum.
This place could be trickier to navigate than I had anticipated...
That's Gamall again. If I don't find these artefacts soon she's sure to track them down.
I've never seen a lock like this... interesting.
Strange, the chest is empty but there was an audible click as I opened it.
It seems to be jammed from the other side. No matter, this door leads to the roof and I need both the artefacts before I can make my escape.
Just the Eye left to find.
Just the Heart left to find.
That's the lot. Time is against me, I best make my way to the roof as quickly as possible.

Thieves Highway
I shouldn't keep this loot for too long, and the streets are best avoided at night. I know a trustworthy fence and the city rooftops are the quickest way to reach him.
Reach the fence as fast as possible.

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