Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief Gold and are done using Thief Enhancement Pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: A copy of a newspaper

Location: On a table, in one of the east side rooms

Constantine's mansion, second floor

M6CLIP location


A woman from Shalebridge who was acquitted of charges of robbery in a city court last 

week has been kidnapped by members of the Order of the Hammer. The woman is apparently 

being held in squalid conditions in Cragscleft prison. Whereas the Hammerites did not 

cite any official reason for the incarceration, one of the Order was quoted, saying, 

"She hath sinned in The Builder's eyes, and thy slothful laws hath touched her not at all."


Description: An encyclopedia discussing magical phenomenons in nature

Location: on a wooden table, in a west side bedroom

Constantine's mansion, second floor

M6FLWR location

Compendium of Natural Magic, Chapter 15

Tatyana's Flowers

These flowers grow primarily in the icy mountain caves of the Esse range. By way of 

defense, they have evolved a method of warming and swirling the magical energy of the 

sentient plants and rocks discussed in the last chapter, lulling them to sleep. The 

flowers are named after archemage Tatyana Yokobik who pioneered their use in the 

temporary negation of magical spells and systems.


Description: A letter from the lay architect Lionel Karthman to Constantine (the papyrus on the left, below the table)

Location: Below a wooden table, in a remote chamber

Constantine's mansion, The Garden

M6RAKELandM6INC1 location

Mr. Constantine:

I do hope that our final renovations have met with your approval, and 

I would again like to thank you for your business. As one of the few 

lay architecture houses in the city, we've found that we have quite a 

bit of proving ourselves to do, and the patronage of someone such as 

yourself is always appreciated. If there's anything else that you 

would like built or modified, please let us know. Please also rest 

assured that we have no objections to taking further payment in this 

form, though we are, of course, deeply curious as to where you 

obtained such a quantity of raw gold. 

 -Lionel Karthman


Description: A giant piece of paper

Location: on the huge writing table, below the burrick's head

Constantine's mansion, The Little-Big World

M6littlebig location1 M6littlebig location2

Men often say, 'Heavy is the head that wears the crown.' For once they speak the truth. 

I've told the poor lads over and over, come NOT into my private retreat. Do they listen? 

Do they hear? If they fall victim to my sanctum, so be it.


Description: A note from one of the guards to Constantine

Location: Below a wooden table, Constantine's bedroom

Constantine's mansion, second floor

M6POINT location

Master - 

The one who trespassed your Greenhouse is chastised. He did not 

know the rules, but spies there no longer.


Description: A tome focusing on non-clerical magic (the book on the table to the right)

Location: on a wooden table, in a remote chamber

Constantine's mansion, The Garden

M6RAKELandM6INC1 location

Rakel's Tome of Magic, Introduction

It is the erudite practitioner of magic who, in these days of pseudo-wizards carelessly 

wielding enchanted materials, retains the secrets of commanding the powerful sorcery 

found in the world of nature. For it was from listening to the hidden whispers of 

ancient oaks, of creeping vines, of desert sandstone pillars, that civilized people 

first learned the abstruse ways of magic.