Reliance upon others
is weakness for the strong,
but strength for the weak.

Wisdom and balance
lie in knowing your own nature
over time.
  — Chronicle of the Metal Age

The Metal Age refers to the time period following the death of The Trickster. During this time, the struggle between Order and Chaos was thrown too far in Order's favor, and the influence of The Builder and his desire for order ran unchecked by the opposing chaotic influence of the Trickster. This resulted in the formation of an extremist splinter group of the Hammerites, known as the Mechanists, to emerge and eventually dominate. During the time of the Mechanists, the development of technology increased at a rapid pace. The City became more and more polluted, and plants and animals disappeared from the city. Pagans were persecuted and hunted down, culminating with Karras, head of the Mechanists, concocting a plan to destroy all biological life in the City.

Karras's plan eventually failed as Garrett sabotaged Soulforge Cathedral, so that the organic-destroying Necrotic Mutox rust gas killed everyone inside it, including Karras.

My hand is copper.
My brow is lead.
Suffer me in a red patina,
swept along in a molten flow
to a sad eternity.
My stride interrupted
my thoughts untimed
my tears are become drops of silver
and shattered the crystalline fern.
I plead the wind to sweep us away.

My alabastrine limbs, useless and tired,
my carnelian heart, beatless and mired.
I pick the gilded apple from the iron tree
I wipe the rust from my brow.
The earth rejects me, foul and changed,
the wind refuses me, unsightly and maimed.
My voice is corrupted, my tongue unwind,
my pulse is mercurial sickened, it slows.
Destiny and danger are stil focused on the one,
the renegade who is both brethren and betrayer.

Beware the spider, for he weaves both labyrinth and lair.

My heart it ceases, my breath undrawn.
My eyes forever focused on the sanguine metal dawn.
  — The Metal Age prophecy, Interpreted by Caduca, translated by Gamall

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