Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief Gold and are done using Thief Enhancement Pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: An ancient scroll

Location: on the ground, behind an old bed in the lower floor

The Library

M9BENIIR location

Beniir has been informed that you ordered the sacrosanct 

parchments moved to the archives beneath the great temple-palace, lest 

they be destroyed by the angry and fiery breath of the earth. On the 

morrow's eve we shall move ourselves there as well. Do not tarry.


Description: The diary of a member of the Keepers' expedition (the book with the key on the cover)

Location: near the bones of a long dead Keeper, in front of the tomb entrance

The Emperor's Tomb

M9TOMBandM9BOOK location

We've been careful to avoid the roaming elementals throughout 

our sojourn, but today we've taken a serious blow. From out of 

nowhere, a number of them assaulted the troupe. We fended them off 

with our remaining supply of water crystals, but the price was heavy. 

Hodge was severely burned and may not live through the night. Both 

Yannis and Abner are dead.

Hodge died this morning. I tried desperately to care for him, but 

to no avail. He was delirious and gibbering and he cried out in pain, 

clawing the abysmal ground beneath him. I tried to calm him, but when 

he grabbed my hair and pulled my ear close to his lips, he said but 

one thing before expiring... 'burning water'.


Description: The diary of a member of the Keepers' expedition

Location: near the bones of a long dead Keeper

passage between The Arena and The Fire Talisman Tower

M9BOOK2 location

We had just come upon a tall and sturdy tower, and it was agreed upon 

that we should deposit the Talisman there. The staircase to the top floor 

had collapsed some time ago which made ascension difficult. Aeric had 

pointed out the ledge circling the tower, suggesting that one of us place 

the Talisman out there. I laughed at his comment uncaringly. This disturbs me.

Tomorrow we shall head back the way we came. I cannot keep myself from 

wondering why the burning elementals stood at bay as we passed. Will they 

still, now that we no longer carry the Talisman of Fire?


Description: An ancient letter

Location: in a semi-full of lava collapsed building, near the district sign obelisk

The Market Area

M9MAILU location

Dear Mailu

The city is too grand for this unworthy country 

lass. I visited the Emperor's colosseum. Such a 

spectacle! The colosseum is bigger than our 

village! The cheer is deafening when they extend 

the bridge from below the royal balcony. Great 

doors open and the combatants enter the 

battlefield, a raised island in the middle of the 

arena. Hundreds of magical fires float on the 

surface of the water. I saw there a gladiator who 

wrestled with a pair of lions, and the Emperor's son himself 

tossed him a bag of gold! I will tell you more later, but Cherok calls.



Description: An ancient scroll

Location: on the floor in a secret room

The Arena

M9MONEY location

From: Secretary of Protocol Weitan

To: Keeper of the Keys Fuquan

It is spoken that Va-Toran has closed the 

coliseum for reasons other than piety. In a 

year and a day of mourning Toran may devise 

a way to make money from the building. As 

cheering crowds were to his father, is the 

clink of coins to Toran. To inter the key 

with Va-Taraq is genius. None will touch it, 

yet should it serve, it can be "lost" to 

grave robbers. Our new master is wily. This 

humble servant fears for Karath-din.


Description: An ancient scroll

Location: on the ground

The Fire Talisman Tower

M9RAIN location

Fire rains upon us from the sky. At the Temple of N'Lahotep, 

four hallowed geldings were offered to appease the acrimonious earth. 

The sanguine overture has done nothing to pacify her.


Description: The correspondence of an ancient institution present in Karath-din

Location: on the floor in an east side room

The Theatre

M9RUITAN location

A speech given by Master Ruitan 

to the Guild of Enlightenment.

The priests tell the ignorant that the earth 

is crying for her departed brother, Va-Taraq. 

We know that these tremors signify something 

more ominous. Taraq would have listened to 

us and evacuated the city, but his son is 

less enlightened. The Guild must protect 

what we can, by whatever magical and mundane 

means we posses. The tower must not fall.


Description: The notes of a Keeper about the civilization of the Precursors

Location: on the side of the path on the lower floor

The Library

M9SCHOLR location

Despite hardships, I have welcomed 

this opportunity to study the city of the 

precursors. Their society was remarkable, 

stratified like the bedrock, and seemingly as 

stable. Above all was the Emperor, a divine 

figure, answerable to none but their gods. 

Emperors were seldom seen by the common 

people and this distance gave rise to a 

powerful and politically charged bureaucracy.

The last Emperor but one, Va-Taraq seems to 

have been different, an unprecedented 

man of the people.


Description: An acquaintance has been given a request by the famous mask collector Lord Gervaisius about something Garrett could find

Location: can be bought at the shop, before the mission, for 150 gold

Shop Description:use_m9papyrus: "An acquaintance will sell you a commission he has to \ pick up some antiquities which you may be able to find around the Lost \ City. Cost:150"

Bonus: Buying this papyrus at the shop opens the opportunity of getting extra goods value (and therefore total money) from the mission. This is related to a few mask found in the Theatre area. If you don't buy the papyrus from the shop, the masks can again be found but are worthless.

TG tips

Sangar --

Let me know if you ever come across any good antiquities in 

your, ah, explorations. I'd be particularly interested in any 

ritual headresses and masks. The gold and enamel work from 

Cyric is increasingly rare, and I needn't point out that if 

you ever found something dating back to the Precursors, I'd 

make you a rich man. 

 -- Bram Gervaisius


Description: The Precursors' testament about The Emperor's Tomb (the scroll next to the book with the key)

Location: near the bones of a long dead Keeper, in front of the tomb entrance

The Emperor's Tomb

M9TOMBandM9BOOK location

Let the tomb be dug deep into the 

earth, and filled with all manner of things 

which are pleasing to serve him in his nether 

days. Splendor shall follow our beloved 

monarch to mark his glory. And woe to those 

who would disturb his sleep! They shall be 

imperiled from below, from above and from 

that which is directly before their eyes.


Description: An ancient scroll regarding the burial of emperor Va-Taraq, written by his son

Location: on the floor in an east side room

The Theatre

M9VATORN location

To honor the life memory of our 

departed father and king, Va-Taraq, Son of 

the Sky, the coliseum he built for his people 

will be closed for a year and a day. Let the 

gates be locked and none make merry while 

the sky and earth themselves do shake and 

cry for their departed brother. This I decree


Son of the Sky


Description: The notes of a Keeper

Location: near a past fireplace

The Market Area

M9WATER location

We must soon find a supply of water here in the city. The 

heat from the magma is dehydrating us too quickly. Our water 

crystals have been saved for emergencies, but we may soon be 

forced to rely on them. Hopefully the Tower is not much farther.

Hopefully we have not much further to go to the Tower.