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Let's Play

  • Boy Lag's channel plays The Dark Mod Fan Missions as well as other darkly themed games.
  • Civvie 11 is on #3 of this Petty Thief series
  • Forgotten Roots channel plays some Fan Missions and other videos regarding nature and philosophy.
  • Leadheads' channel covers philosophy and design in videogames, including Thief
  • Psych0sis' channel plays speedruns of thief new and old dark OM's.
  • TheAmorphousGamer's channel plays speed runs of OM's and FM's.
  • TheEyeOfStone's channel covers Original Missions of the trilogy and System Shock 2.
  • Trevor Whalen's channel plays Fan Missions regularly.


TDS keeperglyph mission On this day… September 21

  • The glyphs are silent.

THIS INFO IS NOT INCLUDED WHEN THE TEMPLATE IS USED Used to spotlight new FMs and other updates, MAX of ~10 on the list.

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