Burricks and all those torches, lava, Fire Elementals, Fire Shadows, Fire Arrows, and campfires--baaaaad juju. :p

Although, I have to say, I always wondered if there was a connection between frogbeasts and burricks.

Ehcmier 06:11, 9 June 2008 (UTC)Ehcmier

Hey Jason. I've noticed that some editors are showing increased interest in the Thief Creatures articles. I'm so glad to see more and more articles sprouting up. But I think they should all have a similar structure. You guys never said anything about my structure (basic info, background, encounters etc.) so I just keep doing it. Do you want me to just add the basic info section (damage, health etc.) to the articles you make, or would you like it to be fully reorganized, with your text inputted in an orderly fashion? What say you? Dan7 17:20, 9 June 2008 (UTC)
Re:Burricks <=> FrogBeasts - OTOH, I've never thought of them as anything but naturally occurring animals (cf. Talk:Chaos Beast). To answer Dan: Well, the beauty of a wiki is that one can choose the pace of implementation, and nothing needs to be set in stone. I don't see any need for formatting improvement at this time, nor do I miss any particular information type from the Creature articles. The one element I'd like to see more of is pictures and portraits. =)
In time, some editor might make a fancy template placing the basic info bits (weapons/creature stats) in a nice infobox to the right or whatever, but I don't really feel that's a priority now.
Larris 19:49, 9 June 2008 (UTC)
Hey Dan, yeah, I'm currently satisfied with the format you've been using, because it gets a lot of information out there in one go, and it's really not bad for a start. As you know, I'm currently up to my neck in transcriptions, and because I haven't seen anything about the format that prompts me to comment, I've been letting you work at your pace, according to your system, because it's more efficient for now. You're doing great, and the little movies and custom screen captures make me smile. So yeah, what Larris said, too.
Ehcmier 21:47, 9 June 2008 (UTC)Ehcmier

Some notes.... Edit

Fanon accepted as Canon: The Barricades specifically refers to parts of the wall erected around the destroyed and undead-infested part of the Old Quarter. It's not a location, but a separation of locations. When servants talk about going down to the barricades, they are talking about going to a location where they can stand before part of the wall, and be eerily close to what it holds back, because it's been heard that the houses were made of evil spirit stone and the houses ate the inhabitants.

Pure Fanon: Perhaps the term "barricade" refers to a barred gateway, or a previous entrance, much like the Cloister Gate, but that cannot be determined. Possibly, the last section of the wall that was built, because the workers, and city guard defending them, needed to move in and out of the Old Quarter until near the end of construction. To me "Barricade" sounds flimsier than "Wall", and we've seen The City's walls. Also the servants' words make it seem as if they are speaking of a place on the edge of town, or down a dark alley, heh heh. And I say "part" of the wall because in keeping with the way The City is built, and given the size of the known sealed area, there would likely be other structures butted up against it, even the leftovers of the buildings that were destroyed around the periphery to make the wall, and only by taking certain streets would a person be able to find a path leading to and/or along the wall. We know the streets are winding and there are few aligned on a grid, but the wall follows straight lines for long distances, and turns at 90-degrees, near the middle of The City. Buildings would have to be sacrificed to make the wall follow those lines.

Ehcmier 01:14, 11 June 2008 (UTC)Ehcmier

I can't see how that fanon can not be canon, really. I'm simply not able to imagine that the barricades can be anything other than what you described in the first paragraph here. I accept that there exists a possibility that the Barricades is something else, since it's not referenced in The Haunted Cathedral specificly (I got that reference to The Haunted Cathedral: In-game text#M7WALL), but I refuse to believe otherwise. I think the wall came to be called the Barricades during the years following its raising. It's a good thing to be thorough and consistent when handling these matters, though. =) Larris 11:01, 11 June 2008 (UTC)
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