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Lord Bafford's Manor


  • A Bafford Guards at the mansions front gate (The Bear Pits):

GUARD3: SG3C0101: Hey, I'm going to the Bear Pits tomorrow. Ya wanna come with?
GUARD2: SG2C0102: T-uh! Couldn't pay me enough!
GUARD3: SG3C0103: Whaaat? You soft-belly! The bears have got these new muzzles with underslung cheek spikes. Last time I was there, (almost laughing) there was a real eye-gouging.
GUARD2: SG2C0104: Nah, nah! It makes me sick! When I was a kid--
GUARD3: SG3C0105: Huh! Surprised you're even in this job.... (Falsetto) 'Oo the blood, it just turns my poor tummy!'
GUARD2: SG2C0106: Shut up, you taffer! You want blood? You should've been there years ago! Tell ya...the bears then? They were something to see. Those bears, they didn't need no cheek-spikes and razor collars, and paw hooks, and all that knifery you straps to 'em now!
GUARD3: SG3C0107: No paw-hooks? What'd they do? Just bump into each other?
GUARD2: SG2C0108: Huh! Naaah! The bears back then, they had claws as long as your finger! And wicked teeth!
GUARD3: SG3C0109: Bears? Yer taffing me! They look pretty mangy harmless, long as they're not wearing harness.
GUARD2: SG2C0110: That's why I can't stand the Pits now! You don't know what you've missed. They just don't make bears like they used to....
GUARD3: SG3C0111: Whoa.... Killer bears. Woulda liked to see that....


  • A couple of Bafford Guards in the basement of the mansion:

GUARD1: sg1c1901: I've been thinking...: The Sir could really beef up security some.
GUARD3: Sg3c1902: What d'ya mean? What's wrong with us?
GUARD1: sg1c1903: Well we're fine, but I've been thinking we should watch the outside some more.
GUARD3: Sg3c1904: That's stupid! People ta worry about--they're on the inside.
GUARD1: sg1c1905: No, then you catch them before they get inside, you taffer!
GUARD3: Sg3c1906: Oooh.


  • A male and a female servant at the backside of the mansion, in a servants' sleeping quarter:

Servant 2: sv2c0201: I swear I've never seen the river this low.
Servant 1: sv1c0202: Drought twelve years back, that was almost bad as this.
Servant 2: sv2c0203: You can nearly walk across up at Shalebridge.
Servant 1: sv1c0204: Hmmm! Wouldn't New Market love that.

Break from Cragscleft Prison


  • Two Hammerites in the top level of the mines, at the foot of the stairs towards the factory:

Hammer1: hm1c1401: Time was all these halls would be close-packed with novices, striving to learn our teachings.
Hammer3: hm3c1402: There are novices still!
Hammer1: hm1c1403: But fewer brother, fewer. Youths in this time seek to learn about gold and politics, not honest craft.
Hammer3: hm3c1404: Twill be their loss when they come of age and know not how to accomplish aught of consequence.


  • A couple of Hammerite guards at the first checkpoint to the prison level:

Hammer1: HM1C0601: In truth I have never heard such carrying on as this thief's-pawn, Cutty.
Hammer3: hm3c0602: One would think these scum had never faced tribulation in their lives.
Hammer1: HM1C0603: For a time I thought Block 4 might never sleep again for his coughs. But he quiets now.
Hammer3: hm3c0604: Good. Death or durance 'twill be the same for him in the end.


  • Garrett and Cutty in cell number 6, block 4 of the prison:

Garrett: garc0101: All right, old man. Let's get you out of here and me my money.
Cutty: cutc0102: Heh heh.... 'Fraid you're going to be disappointed!
Garrett: garc0103: Good thing you're dying, Cutty, or I'd have to kill you for stiffing me...again.
Cutty: cutc0104: Snap snap, puppy! But I owe ya, so.... Felix went after the Horn of Quintus, down the Bonehoard.... Left me his notes.
Cutty: cutc0105: The Hammers' 'em...and put 'em in their...'evidence box'.
Cutty: cutc0106: Loot collection more like. Upstairs...Officer's Quarters.
Cutty: cutc0107: Once you're up there...hidden passage. If damp hadn't rotted my lungs....


  • A Hammerite Priest and a novice at the rear of the chapel area, the Barracks level:

Hammer1: hm1c1301: Heard thou? Tarius, seeking to save his purse, didst buy his new knife from the Shemenov's, not our smiths.
Hammer2: hm2c1302: How durst he! Had he no shame?
Hammer1: hm1c1303: He certainly hadst fill of shame when his blade did snap at supper.
Hammer2: hm2c1304: Hah. The Shemenov are shoddy craftsmen, and Tarius is well learnt on it.



  • Two Ramirez Guards near the front doors to the mansion:

GUARD3: Sg3c1501: Jorek tells me the Hammers are gonna close down Cragscleft.
GUARD1: sg1c1502: Yeah, he's taffing you. Where are they gonna put the poor saps they grab?
GUARD3: Sg3c1503: Dunno.... Toss 'em into a well or something. Anyhow they just don't have enough guys no more.
GUARD1: sg1c1504: Kind of sad. They used to be the power. Now they're just a bunch of guys wishing for the old days.


  • A male and a female servant on the second floor near the doors of the library:

Servant 1: sv1c0101: Peaceful, isn't it?
Servant 2: sv2c0102: Enjoy it while it lasts, friend. 'His Fatness' will be back soon to make our lives miserable again.
Servant 1: sv1c0103: Where is he, then? I haven't seen him tonight.
Servant 2: sv2c0104: Down in the cellar again, counting his loot. I hope he stays there all night.


  • A couple of guards in the courtyard:

GUARD1: sg1c1201: I hear you're going to be assigned monster babysitting.
GUARD2: SG2C1202: What? Why me?
GUARD1: sg1c1201: The boss thinks his nasties don't get enough affection. You'll be down there rubbin' their tummies!
GUARD2: SG2C1204: I'll quit first. See if I don't!


  • Two guards in a boiler room, first floor:

GUARD1: sg1c0901: I thought Quince and Jacow were on watch tonight.
GUARD2: Sg2c0902: The boss sent them on a special errand. Some fellow he wants dead! A thief, name of 'Garrett.'
GUARD1: sg1c0903: I've heard of him.... Garrett. No one to be trifled with, that's what I heard.
GUARD2: Sg2c0904: Not anymore if he's had a visit from those two!


  • A male and a female servant in the servant quarters, near the kitchen, first floor:

Servant 2: sv2c1001: You ever go down by know...the Barricades?
Servant 1: sv1c1002: The closed areas? Not a chance! I hear the dead walk there.
Servant 2: sv2c1003: I heard the buildings were evil spirit stone. They gobbled up who lived there!
Servant 1: sv1c1004: What I heard, there's a different moon. One that takes all the light.
Servant 2: sv2c1005: Won't catch me down that way.
Servant 1: sv1c1006: Not me neither.


  • Two guards in the front hall:

GUARD2: Sg2c1301: You seen the stuff Shemenov's tough boys are wearin'?
GUARD1: sg1c1302: That black and silver? Yeah...nice.
GUARD2: Sg2c1303: And we get stuck with this stuff! And they got halberds too!
GUARD1: sg1c1304: Hah! You'd poke your eye out.


  • A couple of guards in the trophy room, first floor:

GUARD1: sg1c1401: I hear Grandmauden is gonna put in some Hammer-built security.
GUARD3: Sg3c1402: With the gears and blades and all?
GUARD1: sg1c1403: Yeah.
GUARD3: Sg3c1404: Big mistake! Come home, forget to pull the lever, then the missus gets chopped to bits! Huh huh huh huh!
GUARD1: sg1c1405: Heh heh, ha ha! That'd teach ‘em.
GUARD3: Sg3c1406: Not to mention two guys with swords not getting paid no more.

Thieves' Guild


  • A guild guard and two thieves in front of the restaurant near the starting point:

GUARD1: SG107100: Password.
Thief1: th107101: Reeve's balls, Sutter! It's me!
GUARD1: SG107102: (Quoting) 'Security is necessary to prevent exposure and dilution of talent.' Do you want to argue with the lords? Now what's the password?
Thief1: th107103: 'Hand of shadow, foot of air'.... Open the door, okay?
GUARD1: SG107104: Well, now he hasn't given me the password.
thief2: th207105: Are you taffing me?
GUARD1: sg107106: (Quoting) 'Security is necessary to pre--'
thief2: th207107: And I'm standing here listening to Danno tell you the password. Do you think he's gonna let me if I'm not in the Guild, or you think I'm lackwit enough not to remember it?
Thief1: th107108: Sutter, I'll put up with your airs a ways, but if you start putting it like I'm that much of a fool, there will be blood! Now open this door!


  • Two of the servants at a gambling table at the Overlord's Fancy:

Servant 1: sv106300: Hit me.
Servant 2: sv206301: Oh how silly of me, of course you want to hit on twenty! Twenty-eight? Aww, you lose. Boy, what are the odds of that happening?
Servant 1: sv106302: Yeah yeah, taffer, just deal me another hand.
Servant 2: sv206303: Of course. At this rate I'll win all your tips for the night!
Servant 1: sv106304: May the Trickster find you in the dark....
Servant 2: sv206305: Hmm? Didn't quite catch that.
Servant 1: sv106306: I said 'Hit me'!


  • Thieves talking about Donal & Reuben, just outside the first storage room, down the secret passage from the Gambling Den:

GUARD1: SG106400: Donal and Rueben can kill each other for all I care. While they fight over the vase, they stay out of my way.
GUARD3: SG306401: Yeah, but while they're squabblin', they ain't fencin' the vase, neither. That vase is just gonna stay locked up in Lord Donal's lair.
GUARD1: SG106402: Yeah, but it's not like it's doing Donal any good, since Lord Rueben has the key to the lock up.
GUARD3: SG306403: Ain't doin' me no good, neither. That sapphire vase is worth more than the rest of the score from Randall's combined. I didn't become a Downwinder to work for free. I want my cut!


  • An armed and an unarmed thief, in the first room adjoining the guard station, in the back corner of the Gambling Den, opposite the corner with the secret door:

Thief1: th106100: When partners fight, it's never good.
thief2: th206101: I heard that. We got Donal on the south side and Rueben on the north, if something goes down, we'll be caught in the middle of it.
Thief1: th106102: Those two don't quit squabbling and settle this, Rueben's gonna send out his boys to find out where Donals' safe is, and Donal will be out lookin' for Rueben's key... And you know the knuckle-breakers ain't too picky about whose knuckles they break.
thief2: th206103: Uugh. I should never have gone Union.


  • A couple of thieves in Donal's territory, in that funky room with raised walkways of planks and construction debris, over a floor of metal grating:

GUARD3: SG306200: These pressure doors, they're a bloody nuissance. Ya gotta go outta yer way just to find the taffin' lever.
GUARD1: sg106201: Slows down the intruders, though.
GUARD3: SG306202: Who'd break in here? The only action we get is when somebody tries to skim off the top.
GUARD1: sg106203: Well, this vase situation might give you all the action you need.
GUARD3: SG306204: Hey, that's right. Be nice to bust some heads for a change (chuckles)!


  • An armed and an unarmed thief, in Donal's Basement, with all the prison-cell-styled rooms:

Thief1: th106900: Y'hear about Sutter's job last night?
thief2: th206901: Heard he came in pretty late. He get something good?
Thief1: th106902: Huh! Don't he wish! He's up in this Lady's bedroom, all quiet like, when he hears feet outside!
thief2: th206903: He got caught?
Thief1: th106904: Hmm! Nothin' so tame. He can scarp out the way he came quick enough, but he don't wanna go 'til he's got somethin'.
Thief1: th106905: So he sweeps everything on the dresser--jewelry, candlesticks, whatnot--into his sack, gets halfway down the stairs, when the sack starts leapin' about!
thief2: th206906: What?
Thief1: th106907: He's got the Lady's cat too! Cat claws a hole in the sack, everything falls out, except the cat! And that's halfway up his arm, with claws every which way!
thief2: th206908: Ahaha haha haha!
Thief1: th106909: He had to jump in the river to get the damn thing off! Left a trail of blood and water over half The City just goin' home!


  • Thieves in the area near the huge double storage room with many heavy wooden shelves, the back door of which leads down to Pressure Door 66:

Thief1: th106700: Bafford was furious when he got back from his trip and found out his precious scepter had been swiped!
thief2: th206701: We didn't pull that job, did we?
Thief1: th106702: You taffer! If we pulled a job on one of Ramirez' people, it would be war!
thief2: th206703: Well, who then?
Thief1: th106704: Probably Garrett. He's the only one sly and foolish enough to pull a job like that.

The Sword


  • Two Constantine Guards outside the front door:

GUARD2: Sg2c2201: Think anything'll happen?
GUARD1: sg1c2202: Probably not...but don't soft up, though.
GUARD2: Sg2c2203: Not me!


  • A couple of guards on the top floor just near the sword itself:

GUARD1: sg1c2301: Boss was dangerous today.
GUARD3: Sg3c2302: I thought he'd a good mood...
GUARD1: sg1c2303: Heh, yeah I told ya! Good moods, that's the worst!


  • Guards in the alcove outside the sword room:

GUARD3: Sg3c2401: Seen the new room? The...trees?
GUARD1: sg1c2402: Yeah, nice.
GUARD3: Sg3c2403: Like to do all the patrols there.

The Mage Towers


  • Two bowmen on the upper North East walkway of the Great Hall in the Mage Keep:

GUARD3: SG310200: These Mages are not ones to be trifled with. Saw 'em use their magic on old Bradwort. The Mages caught 'im stealin' lupins from the tables of the meeting hall. One of 'em summoned great hurtling balls from the sky, glowing rocks from the moon they was, and they mashed in his poor skull!
GUARD1: sg110201: Any intruders better hope we get to ‘em first before the Hand Mages do.


  • Two guards on the South East grounds near Water Tower entrance:

GUARD3: SG310100: But why're the Hand Mages the only ones allowed in? Why won't they allow us into their towers?
GUARD1: SG110101: We're here to keep a watch on the commons and to deal with mundane threats. The mages can protect themselves.
GUARD3: SG310102: But what with all the secrecy? Even the servants ain't allowed there. These wizards trust anyone?
GUARD1: SG110103: I found it best not to ask questions. The gold they give me answers all the questions I have.


  • A couple of Earth Mages in the Talisman Chamber:

mage1: mg110400: It's true he has returned. We must be ready. Rough waters lie ahead.
mage2: mg210401: Many will not survive. We must try to redirect the current.
mage1: mg110402: Try as we might, to retrieve the Talismans, the Prophecy is an ocean returning to shore. Little we can do to prevent it; only prepare for its arrival.
mage2: mg210403: Dry and dead is much of The City. The Sun will oppose and the conflict will end in flames.
mage1: mg110404: It's the way of things. Civilizations will burn into the earth, so that it may give life to the next.
mage2: mg210405: Winds of progress always head towards the grave.
mage1: mg110406: Soon, young apprentice, you shall grasp the truth of it.

Song Of The Caverns


  • A couple of guards in the basement, on the stairs:

GUARD1: sg112300: Just so you're clear: if there's any trouble, we double the guard on Lady Valerius's rooms.
GUARD3: sg312301: Not the ticket office, 'cause if I's were a thief, that's where I'd go.
GUARD1: sg112302: But seeing as you're a guard, and not a thief, you're clear on where to go if there's trouble?
GUARD3: sg312303: If there's trouble, someone needs to guard the cloak-check girl. She's all alone, wi-with no one to talk to (chuckles)!
GUARD1: SG112304: When you're a captain, you can choose to guard whatever you like. Until then, let's hear it: Where do you go if there's trouble?
GUARD3: SG312305: Get to guard that watery stone nobody cares about, 'cept the Lady Valerius.
GUARD1: sg112306: Good. When you're done moping I suggest you get on with your patrol.


  • A male and a female actors practicing in Crib's office:

Opera2: op212400: 'But wait! Who is this I spy? Who dares fell wood from my domain?'
Opera1: op112401: That's good...but let's try it a little more angry, like this, 'But wait! Who is this I spy? Who dares fell wood from my domain?'
Opera2: op212402: 'But wait! Who is this I spy? Who dares fell--'
Opera1: op112403: No, no! With gusto! And emphasize the word 'dares', like this! 'Who dares fell wood from my domain?'
Opera2: op212404: I've got a better idea! Why don't you sing the part of 'Conandra Forest Princess' tomorrow night? And while you're at it, why don't you find yourself another leading lady?
Opera1: op112405: Huh! Maybe I will!
Opera2: op212406: Fine! Untalented taffer troglodyte!


  • A male and a female actors in a south side room, first floor:

Opera1: op112500: Huh! So, did you read Cribs' latest? That gibberish is a waste of my art!
Opera2: op212501: Ironic, since I always considered your art to be a waste.
Opera1: op112502: And, to add injury to insult, I'm forced to wear costumes from years past!
Opera2: op212503: I can't believe the opera house is still losing money. It's all these lower-class people working the ticket office and such. They steal everything they can get their hands on! Valerius should fire all of them!
Opera1: op112504: For once, I agree with you, Christine. Scrapping the lower-class would certainly clean things up around here. But what will you do for food and shelter when they kick you out? (Laughs)
Opera2: op212505: Taffer!


  • A male and female opera guest at the second floor of the balconies:

Opera1: op112600: This latest opera from Valerius and Cribs is a testament to the superiority of human intellect. Man overcomes nature! Ahhh, my absolute favorite theme!
Opera2: op212601: I couldn't disagree with you more! This opera is more of a travesty than a testament. The only thing overcome were my poor ears by that horrendous music Cribs has written!
Opera1: op112602: Huh! You're just miffed because Cribs is fond of tragic endings.
Opera2: op212603: That's not it at all! Since Valerius took over, we've had to endure this Mr. Cribs and his twisted little operettas with vines and micas (?) as villains--What a complete nonsense! How can you stand it?
Opera1: op112604: Hmm. Well, I say 'in with the new.' That's what I say!



  • Two Hammerites in the main hallway, the upper floor:

Hammer2: hm2c1501: Dolan hath told me that his new apprentice had released the cap upon the steam gyr and scalded himself.
Hammer3: hm3c1502: Foolishness proves its own punishment, but steam burns are a harsh punishment indeed.
Hammer2: hm2c1503: Dolan sayeth the boy shall live, but may leave The Order.
Hammer3: hm3c1504: Even more foolishness! Fear never shows the true path, only the downslope to corruption.


  • A couple of Hammers near the Sparring Room, at the bottom of the wide steps:

Hammer1: hm1c0801: Hast thought upon who is likely to succeed our master?
Hammer3: hm3c0802: Surely not for many years....
Hammer1: hm1c0803: Art thou blind? He is old, and the Master Forgers do jostle each other for precedence.
Hammer3: hm3c0804: I spy not on my betters. 'Tis in The Builder's Hands.
Hammer1: hm1c0805: Tis true, 'tis true....


  • Hammerites in the reliquary:

Hammer2: hm2c0901: Even the Baron doth finally act against evil...when prodded with enough vigor.
Hammer1: Hm1c0902: Meanest thou the action on DeWall's thugs?
Hammer2: hm2c0903: Verily, some have told me it was his own brethren who, in sin, didst turn him in.
Hammer1: Hm1c0904: Thieves betray their own. Now as always.


  • Two Hammerites in the chapel:

Hammer3: hm3c1201: Time was, the sinners we take wouldst have no 'second chances'...they were dispatched forthwith to explain their misdeeds to their Builder.
Hammer2: hm2c1202: Our strength and resolve, 'tis not what it once was.
Hammer3: hm3c1203: And see what our weakness hath gained us. Crime and sin reach to the very heights of The City!


  • Hammerites in the graveyard:

Hammer3: hm3c1001: Some do say the Baron means to raise the tariffs again. Even on greens and meat.
Hammer1: hm1c1002: The wretched man serves only the merchants in his own greed.
Hammer3: hm3c1003: His grandfather cared less for his pocketed gold and more for his soul's health...but no longer.
Hammer1: hm1c1004: The Builder's truth it is, that men without belief do soften and fail, as rotten wood.



GUARD1: sg1c0601: Play you again?
GUARD3: Sg3c0602: Nah, you always win. Lost enough money.
GUARD1: sg1c0603: Here, I'll let you guess first.
GUARD3: Sg3c0604: Like that helps me, you taffer.
GUARD1: sg1c0605: Come on, low bets! Just one.
GUARD3: Sg3c0606: Weeell....
GUARD1: sg1c0607: Okay, here: Stone or coin?
GUARD3: Sg3c0608: Mmm, all right. Errr... Stone!
GUARD1: sg1c0609: Nope!
GUARD3: Sg3c0610: Curse it! How do you do that? Here you go.
GUARD1: sg1c0611: Double or nothing?
GUARD3: Sg3c0612: Double or nothing! Stone or coin?
GUARD1: sg1c0613: Coin!
GUARD3: Sg3c0614: Damn you! Here.
GUARD1: sg1c0615: Double or nothing, again?
GUARD3: Sg3c0616: Oh, get away from me! Last time we went this way I owed you three weeks.


GUARD1: sg1c0701: Nothing ever happens on this job!
GUARD2: Sg2c0702: Eh, could be worse.
GUARD1: sg1c0703: So dull, just patrol around in circles.
GUARD2: Sg2c0704: You rather be sweepin' streets again?
GUARD1: sg1c0705: At least then I was meeting people.
GUARD2: Sg2c0706: Yeah, but the wrong kind of people....
GUARD1: sg1c0707: Aaah! Boring, boring, boring....


GUARD1: sg1c0801: You get any of that pheasant tonight?
GUARD2: Sg2c0802: Nah, Bafford and his flunkies ate it all!
GUARD1: sg1c0803: Too bad. It was good.
GUARD2: Sg2c0804: Maybe there's some left in the kitchen.
GUARD1: sg1c0805: (Laughs) Nah, Cook keeps the leftovers!
GUARD2: Sg2c0806: Huh! Fat slob!


GUARD1: sg1c1001: Say, where are Hal and Joss tonight?
GUARD2: Sg2c1002: Didn't you hear? They pulled the basement shift. We probably won't see them for hours yet!
GUARD1: sg1c1003: What a crummy lot to draw with the master on vacation.
GUARD2: Sg2c1004: Better for us then, hey? Well I should be getting back to the front gate. See ya back here in a couple hours, then?
GUARD1: sg1c1005: Right-o.


GUARD2: Sg2c1101: Eh, go down to the well and get us some water.
GUARD3: SG3C1102: Don't worry. I won't spook and hit the alarm if I hear a rat... (Quiet) Like I did last time.


GUARD2: Sg2c1601: Hear you gotta pool!
GUARD3: Sg3c1602: Yep. Cyric over Bohn, three to two. And also when the war ends.
GUARD2: Sg2c1603: Uh, give me six on Bohn and--uh...uh--five on another two years.
GUARD3: Sg3c1604: Sure. Money now.
GUARD2: Sg2c1605: Wait a minute. We pay you now, and you don't pay for two years? Nevermind!


GUARD3: Sg3c1701: Hey, you remember when the Baron's police took down DeWall?
GUARD2: Sg2c1702: Yeah! Of course.... Had a buddy in the group was blockin' the back alley.
GUARD3: Sg3c1703: I hear it was Raputo turned him over.
GUARD2: Sg2c1704: Another under-market warden? That's slick!


GUARD1: sg1c1801: So I hear, the guys that clean the sewers, keep the pumps working, all that...?
GUARD2: Sg2c1802: What?
GUARD1: sg1c1803: I hear they've been vanishing... Poof! Turning up in missing bits and pieces. Like their heads.
GUARD2: Sg2c1804: Creepy!
GUARD1: sg1c1805: Bet we don't get to count on flushing anything much longer.


GUARD2: Sg2c2001: So, like I was tellin' you yesterday, you wanna hurt the guy, not knock him down or pat him on the head.
GUARD3: Sg3c2002: What am I not doing?
GUARD2: Sg2c2003: Thunk him on the shoulder and that'll just slow him up! Go for the stomach, or lower. A Hammer's usually weak there.
GUARD3: Sg3c2004: Hammer's got it good. Just smash 'em flat with those things.


GUARD1: sg1c2101: Can't stand the food here! Ahh, this place!
GUARD2: SG2C2102: You know how the world's like now. Ya can't blame 'im.
GUARD1: sg1c2103: Yeah, well, later maybe.


GUARD2: Sg2c2501: I think you're a-sleepy.
GUARD3: Sg3c2502: Ahh, not me. Sees you napping a bit.
GUARD2: Sg2c2503: 'Dreamsie' ya did.


GUARD1: sg1c2601: I can't believe how bad Wayside's got. Guy tried to rob me--broad daylight!--just the other day.
GUARD2: Sg2c2602: Why do you be goin' down to Wayside anyway? Nothin' there but whores and moneymongers.
GUARD1: sg1c2603: Hey, my sister lives down that way!
GUARD2: Sg2c2604: Bet I know which sort she is!


GUARD1: sg1c3001: How's it goin'?
GUARD2: Sg2c3002: Seen better.... Seen better.


GUARD1: sg1c3101: Good watch.
GUARD2: Sg2c3102: You too.


GUARD2: Sg2c3201: Seen anything?
GUARD1: sg1c3202: Nope. Pretty quiet.


sv1: sv1c0301: You'd never believe what happened today. I was buying greens and the de Perrin housekeeper just pushed by me and told the shopkeep to give her the last of the cress.
sv2: sv2c0302: The nerve!
sv1: sv1c0303: That's what I thought too! Just because you work for the nobles, you don't have cause to be putting on airs.
sv2: sv2c0304: Just so!


sv2: sv2c0401: Cook says the Sir's been yelling at him over the dinners not being posh enough.
sv1: sv1c0402: Sir's an idiot! It's not like we'll get more until the shortages are over.
sv2: sv2c0403: Exactly! The Sir just thinks everything should be back like it was in the fat years, and won't hear of anything else.


sv1: sv1c0501: I don't think the garden mint is going to make it. Even the shade doesn't help.
sv2: sv2c0502: Well better pull it out soon, then. The Sir won't like lots of brown plants hanging about.
sv1: sv1c0503: I know. I just keep hoping the drought will end soon. The well's run so far down.
sv2: sv2c0504: It can't last forever. And if it does, the Sir will move to Cyric and be done with it.


sv2: sv2c0601: Remember back when you were saying the Baron would never marry?
sv1: sv1c0602: Yeah. I'm still saying it.
sv2: sv2c0603: This Felicia, he's serious about.
sv1: sv1c0604: And what do you know about the Baron's romances anyway?
sv2: sv2c0605: My sister! She works for a lady who does Felicia's dresses.
sv1: sv1c0606: Oh! Like Felicia knows if the Baron's serious.


sv1: sv1c0701: Coming from market this morning, it was awful.
sv2: sv2c0702: I saw you got back late.
sv1: sv1c0703: There was this big mob of Hammers, circled round some guy like wolves.
sv2: sv2c0704: So you stayed and watched?
sv1: sv1c0705: No, I ran! I don't want them turning eyes on me. They took forever to circle round.


sv2: sv2c0801: Uugh...
sv1: sv1c0802: What's wrong?
sv2: sv2c0803: Oh I'm...I'm just worried my Jobi's never coming back. He's off fighting Blackbrook. I thought It'd be good for him, teach him discipline, but now....
sv1: sv1c0804: It's hard, I know.
sv2: sv2c0805: Bein' a mother, worst thing in the world, I tell you. Best you can hope for is to die before your babes.


sv1: sv1c0901: Do you ever feel like there's someone...watching you?
sv2: sv2c0902: The Sir, you mean?
sv1: sv1c0903: Well, that too, but I mean more like spirits, or someone hiding...following you.
sv2: sv2c0904: I think it's just the house. All the shadows, they get to you.


sv1: sv1c1901: What happened to young Brennan? I saw the wagon carrying him away, howling like to curl your hair.
sv2: sv2c1902: One of the bosses beasties caught him in the cellar, tore off his arm! He's lucky to be alive!
sv1: sv1c1903: You couldn't lure me down there for any price.


sv1: sv1c1101: Everything okay?
sv2: sv2c1102: Sure, for now.


sv1: sv1c1201: How's your day?
sv2: sv2c1202: Can't complain.


sv1: sv1c1301: Seen Cook around?
sv2: sv2c1302: Not for a while tonight.


sv1: sv1c1401: You still up?
sv2: sv2c1402: Yep, lots still to do.


sv2: sv2c1501: Long night?
sv1: sv1c1502: Should be done soon.


sv2: sv2c1601: I am so tired of muddy boots.
sv1: sv1c1602: Aah. Stew pots, that's my worst job!


sv2: sv2c1701: You hear? The Sir said I do good work!
sv1: sv1c1702: See if he pays you more then.


sv2: sv2c1801: You lose a button? I've found one in the hall.
sv1: sv1c1802: No, not mine.


Hammer1: HM1C0311: Tis noted to us: The Fellahdeen are heretics and will crumble as old wood.
Hammer1: HM1C0312: Thieves respect naught. Divinity--even false divinity--is as the mud below their feet. They wish not it be clay that shalt be shaped by The Builder's Hand.
Hammer1: HM1C0313: Nay, our walls be cut from the thickest stones, our gates be wrought from full iron. Any who pits his strength 'gainst their strength shall smash himself with his own effort, even as the fruit falling from a tree dashes itself on a rock below.
Hammer1: HM1C0314: The Builder places thy challenges before thee as a stairway of hewn stone up the tower of thine life. When thou seekest to add to those challenges, to compass thine pride, thou dost clutter the design of the stairway, and introduce cracks and weaknesses, through which The Trickster mayest enter and bring thy ruin!


Hammer1: HM1C0321: Rather to buttress our defenses.
Hammer1: HM1C0322: Nay, 'tis not they who chart the building of the battle. They but put in force the will of the Baron, and the Baron chooseth not to press the attack.
Hammer1: HM1C0323: Lackwit. Thinks thou the Baron wishes to defeat Blackbrook?
Hammer1: HM1C0324: How think ye? The war grants the Baron a crisis to posture before and gains him many taxes he wouldst not otherwise see.
Hammer1: HM1C0325: Daah, infant! 'Tis truth. And ever so the chisel cannot know the will of the hand it serves, nor should it judge whether the mark it makes be for well or ill. 'Tis enough for a tool to be sharp and well-crafted. Only so canst it serve The Builder.


Hammer1: HM1C0331: Wilt this famine never break? The Stonemarket merchants ask yet another fifth above what they charged but a month ago. Yet I think they profit little from their sales.
Hammer1: HM1C0332: I would've said myself 'twas due to the war between Cyric and Bohn. The lines of battle do rage over and pass what were, times ago, farms and ranches.
Hammer1: HM1C0333: Thine arguments are persuasive and do show dedication, but I think thou may simplify o'er much.
Hammer1: HM1C0334: Hmm....


Hammer1: HM1C0351: Have thou learnt nothing? That name soils thy mouth.
Hammer1: HM1C0352: Nay, simpleton. Knowest thou not to say 'Taffer' is to speak the name of the defeated adversary, the Trickster? 'Tis a corruption--a cloaking that acknowledges him without intent--and gives him an entry into thy thoughts.
Hammer1: HM1C0353: A foe is best contested in the light, not the shadows! Allow none to so disguise themselves before thee lest thou slip into the shadows thyself, and so be lost.


Hammer1: hm1c0701: (Coughs) Curse upon this dust!
Hammer2: hm2c0702: Tis been this way since the renovation.
Hammer1: hm1c0703: Aye, they thought stone dust would settle faster than wood. But many feet cast it up.
Hammer2: hm2c0704: Come the rains 'twill pass.
Hammer1: hm1c0705: Tis true. And, 'til then, misfortunes are mirror for our blessings.


Hammer2: hm2c1101: Yet another sewer overflow, I heard yesterday.
Hammer3: hm3c1102: The peasants who run the pumps have not the learning to understand them.
Hammer2: hm2c1103: Thinkest thou that we should take their burden? There is naught strange in a pump or gear to us.
Hammer3: hm3c1104: And toil in the slime? Thou carest little about thy Brothers.


Hammer1: hm1c1601: Master Forger Dovetail hath finished his work on the spiral gear!
Hammer3: hm3c1602: Truly that is news! The constant-width teeth-- They mesh properly?
Hammer1: hm1c1603: As planned! This shall bring a new standard to the winding machines.


Hammer1: Hm1c1701: Builder walk with thee.
Hammer2: hm2c1702: And thee.


Hammer1: Hm1c1801: Good even.
Hammer2: hm2c1802: Good even.


Hammer2: hm2c1901: Praise The Builder.
Hammer1: Hm1c1902: I praise The Builder.


Hammer2: hm2c2001: May thy Hammer swing true.
Hammer3: hm3c2002: And thy hand be steady.


Hammer2: hm2c2101: Hail Brother.
Hammer3: hm3c2102: Hail and bless his works.


Hammer3: hm3c2201: Builder's Grace to thee.
Hammer2: hm2c2202: My thanks, Brother.


Hammer3: hm3c2301: Greetings.
Hammer1: Hm1c2302: Well met.


Hammer3: hm3c2401: Builder guide thy hand.
Hammer1: Hm1c2402: Thine as well.


Hammer1: Hm1c2501: Be thy carving ready?
Hammer3: hm3c2502: No, not yet!


Thief1: th106600: I hear some independent is doing some heavy operating in The City.
thief2: th206601: Yeah. Name's Garrett. Ramirez tried recruiting him a while back, but Garrett turned him down. I heard Ramirez sent some cleaners to take care of the mess.
Thief1: th106602: Guess we don't have to worry about him anymore, then!


Thief1: th106800: Hey, d'you hear what happened to Gibson?
thief2: th206801: Nah, what happened?
Thief1: th106802: Got twenty years in Cragscleft! He pulled a freelance job at the Bafford manor.
thief2: th206803: That's crazy!
Thief1: th106804: Not as crazy as what he was after!
thief2: th206805: Okay, what was it?
Thief1: th106806: His silver scepter!
thief2: th206807: Haha haha! You mean to tell me this taffer went through all the trouble breaking into Lord Baffords' manor, only in order to steal a scepter that had already been stolen?
Thief1: th106808: Yup!
thief2: th206809: Why did he end up in Cragscleft, though? Figured Bafford would've just turn him over to the Sheriff.
Thief1: th106810: Some Hammerite named Karras offered Bafford something in exchange for him.
thief2: th206811: What did Bafford get?
Thief1: th106812: Don't know and I don't care. Got nothin' to do with me anyway!

Unused 50

Hammer1: Hm106500: By The Builder, I will find you and stain the walls of Cragscleft with your blood, thief!
Thief1: th106501: (silent)