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Tg m7 m11 editor colored

Map Dimensions:(combined map)

Height: 626DU 523FT

Width: 790DU 658FT


Orientation: Dromed layout and in-game compass coincide, up is north(for both maps).

General Location: In the City (light brown area on the base map)

Based on Surrounding Buildings, Base Map

Mapping proj BASE city roads

Other information:

This is a combination map, and the two parts were exactly aligned via common gateways.

The in-game map and the map from the Briefing show Auldale Street in different locations. Auldale is the district on the East(right) side of the river, so it is speculated that Auldale Street crosses the middle bridge and that this map would be located on that street on the West(left) side of the river.

TG M7 map PAGE001 TG B07 04