Assassins also redirect from The Lost City and T2 Kidnap

Map Dimensions:(combined map)

Height: 1303DU 1086FT

Width: 804DU 670FT


Orientation: Dromed layout and in-game compass coincide, up is north(on all three maps).

General Location: West side in The City (light brown area left of the river on the base map), north of the South Quarter.

Based on Surrounding Buildings,Keeper Map,Base Map, Assassins in-game map

Mapping proj BASE city roads

Other information:

This is a combination map, and the three parts were exactly aligned via common gateways.

The placement of the map is at the intersection of the Old Quarter, New Market, Hightown, and Downtown. It also aligns directly with the walls in the Keeper Map.

It is north of the South Quarter, because the Assassins map labels home turf on the south of the map.