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Tg m10 m13 editor colored

Map Dimensions:

Height: 474DU 395FT

Width: 305DU 254FT


General Orientation: Dromed layout and in-game compass coincide, up is north.

General Location: West side in The City (light brown area left of the river on the base map)

Based on Surrounding Buildings,Keeper Map,Base Map

Mapping proj BASE city roads

Other information:

This is a combination map, both parts have the same base and align exactly.

Location: The three versions of the Keeper Map show the location of this map in relation to the Assassins map. It is the building on the right marked by the mountain and air symbol, it happens to be the only non generic building drawn on the map besides the section walls. The placement of this map is tied to the Assassins map and dependent on its location.

Orientation: The building on the Keeper Map is rotated about 55° clockwise, this added level of world detail overrides the default Dromed direction for orientation on the city map.

Scale: The building on the Keeper Map is 25% the size of the normal map compared to the Assassins map, showing that the designer of the map was unaware of the scale difference between the two when placing it.