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Cutscene 6Edit

TG CS06 01

Viktoria: "Garrett? It's Viktoria. I trust you made it back alive? You've done
well, Garrett. Come with me, and bring the sword. There is someone you have
to meet. It's time for the payment you've been promised."
Garrett: "Yes."

TG CS06 02

TG CS06 03

Constantine: "A refreshment, Mister Garrett? I'm in the possession of a superior
brandy, that has the most 'restorative' effect."
Garrett: "I prefer my payment in cash, not liquor, Mister...ahh..."

TG CS06 04

Constantine: "My apologies. I've been watching you, Mister Garrett.
So closely, in fact, that I'm afraid I'd forgotten we haven't
actually met yet. I am...Constantine."

TG CS06 05

Garrett: "All this time I thought you were going to pay me."
Garrett: "You've brought me here to kill me?"

TG CS06 06

Constantine: "But you have it all wrong, Mister Garrett. Would it surprise you
to know that it was I who hired you to steal my own sword?"

TG CS06 07

Constantine: "Yes. You see, Viktoria and I are..."
Viktoria: "Old associates."

TG CS06 08

Constantine: "Yes. You were being tested. Do you understand? And I must say,
you more than live up to your reputation. You are quite an extraordinary thief."
Garrett: "Testing me? What is it you want from me, Constantine?"
Constantine: "I am a collector, Mister Garrett. But there are some 'items', that are
not available for purchase. They must be acquired using other means.
In this case the item in question would be best acquired by thieving.
Not simple I need an artist. Like yourself."

TG CS06 09

Garrett: "What exactly IS this...item?"
Constantine: "It is the gemstone called The Eye, for it's unusual..."
Viktoria: "Appearance."
Constantine: "Yes. Kept hidden in the sealed cathedral deep inside the halls of
the scum Hammerites. Oh, but forgive me, you are, possibly,'friendly' with
the Order of the Hammer?"
Garrett: "No. Fanatics make unreliable friends."
Constantine: "Excellent. I am prepared to offer you quite a sum. A hundred
thousand, upon receipt of The Eye."
Garrett: "I don't see how I can refuse such an offer."

TG CS06 10

Constantine: "Marvelous. Viktoria can fill you in on all the particulars. And
Mister Garrett...the sword. Keep it. You have earned it. But also...
I believe you'll find it useful in your quest."

TG CS06 11