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Blooper ReelEdit

Bla bla bla

I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion,
steal another fat nobleman's priceless trinket, and leave quietly.

TG B18 01 TG B18 02

Lord Bafford is out of town, and rumour has it that the captain of his house
guard went with him, as a bodyguard. The time is ripe for a bit of burglary.

TG B18 03

The front gate of Lord Bafford's manor is always guarded, and the main street
is far too exposed.

TG B18 04

But Cutty tells me there's a better way in,around to the side, more out of the
way. One guard, and likely no witnesses to...complicate matters.

TG B18 05

The piece Cutty wants is a scepter, silver, jewels, the usual adornments. It
should command a high price. Bafford, like most of his kind, probably keeps his
treasures on the top floor of the place. Close to his heart, and far from his

TG B18 06

No point in waiting. I have Cutty's old sketches of the place, and everyone
who's going to be asleep inside already is. It's time to begin.

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