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The Mage TowersEdit

unknown origins
they came

live isolated
beyond the city

The extent of
their arcane power
is unknown

We must be
very cautious
in dealing
with them

must continue

-- Keeper Xavier, Treatise on Mages

The Talisman of Earth is guarded by a foreign mages' sect known as the "Hand

TG B16 01

They reside in a compound of huge towers, where they practice their arts of
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The Talisman is likely kept in the Earth tower,
but there's little chance it'll be that simple. No doubt the Talisman is
heavily guarded and probably protected by magic.

TG B16 02

But mages love to write everything down...I should "stumble" on something
useful about their precious trinket.

TG B16 03

I bribed some servants to get me a map of the common grounds...the best I could
do since only the mages are allowed in the towers. I'll enter the courtyard
just outside the central keep entrance.

TG B16 04

Once inside I'll need to move quickly to find the Talisman. I wouldn't
last long in a fight against the mages.

TG B16 05