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Thieves' GuildEdit

In the beginning
we lived as

Stealing fur and
fang of beasts
for survival

Then came
the Builder
who brought us
the Hammer,

And with it
we forged
a new way
of life.

To reject
the Hammer
is to denounce
the Builder.

-- The Hammer Book of Tenets

I was going to pay Lord Randall and his vase collection a visit, but the
Downwind Thieves' Guild beat me to the score. Word is that they haven't divvied
the booty yet.

TG B15 01

Apparently their leaders...Donal and Reuben...are arguing over
the prized sapphire vase. Sounds like they could use a third party to settle
their disagreement. Since I'm no mediator, I'll just steal the vase from them.
They'll be so busy blaming each other no one will suspect an outsider.

TG B15 02

The Downwinders run a gambling den called the "Overlord's Fancy," which
operates under a nearby restaurant. The guild's hideout is beneath the casino.
I have a rough map of the complex I got from...sources from the inside. Once
I'm in the Overlord's Fancy I'll have to search for the secret entrance to
the hideout. Have to be careful, the Downwinder's know me all too well. If
they catch sight of me they'll know who took the vase. Assuming they don't just
kill me for trespassing.

TG B15 03

Finding the vase may prove difficult, since I have no idea where it is. Should
be a hot topic of conversation among the Downwinders. Maybe I'll be lucky
enough to overhear where they're stashing it. Time to make a living.

TG B15 04