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Into the Maw of ChaosEdit

The weights
in each pan of
the balance had

As he
his triumph,
our foe had
made himself

We were unable
to directly
influence, and
could only
watch and wait

to see whether
his pridefully
chosen pawn
would prove
his undoing.

-- Keeper Annals

TG B14 01

Well, this is it. The Hammers say they've received word that Constantine's
descended into his realm, to perform a ritual with the Eye.

TG B14 02

The Hammers have built me a booby-trapped, counterfeit Eye, If I can swap
it for the real thing, it should cause him some trouble. If he doesn't notice me.

TG B14 03

I've never robbed a god before. It'll be a challenge.

TG B14 04