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Strange BedfellowsEdit

The stone
cannot know
why the chisel
cleaves it;

the iron
cannot know
why the fire
scorches it.

When thy life
is cleft and
when death
and despair
leap at thee,

beat not thy
breast and
curse thy
evil fate,

but thank the
Builder for the
trials that
shape thee.

-- The Hammer Book of Tenets

This was not the way things were supposed to go.

TG B13 01

Constantine has the Eye...and my eye...and I doubt he has anything wholesome planned for it.

TG B13 02

The Trickster is real after all. I don't think anyone but those crazy Hammers
really believed in the old gods.

TG B13 03

Those crazy Hammers. You know, it wouldn't hurt to have a few dozen
heavily-armed fanatics on MY side just about now.

TG B13 04

If I drop by their temple and explain things, maybe they'll be so distracted by the
Trickster's return that they'll forget to hold a grudge. And even if they don't, I know
how to get out of Cragscleft prison already.

TG B13 05