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Danced we
in joys
and triumphs.

With us the
Woodsie Lord
danced the
foolsie man

Rose the storms
in shouty glee,
the darkness in
feary glooms,
the fires in
happy greed.

Danced we away,
and fed the sad
stringsie man-
fool to their
devourings for
our thanks.

-- Final fragment of the "Notyets" manuscript

Keeper 1: This way?
Keeper 2: Look here. Our path is true.
Keeper 1: In here?
Keeper 2: Yes.

TG B12 01

Keeper 1: Since you left us, you've been a stone rolling downhill. Now you
must aim this remarkable momentum. It is past time for the balance to shift.

TG B12 02

Keeper 2: They come.
Garrett: Wha--? Wait!
Keeper 1: The Trickster will not forgive you for doing what he could not. Nor,
I trust, will you forgive us.

TG B12 03

Garrett: Keepers. Looks like I'd better get moving, or
whatever those things are will waste a perfectly good rescue.

TG B12 04