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And he did
say, "Shall we
not use this
power, as our
enemies used
it unto us?

Do we not
carve their
wild forests
into our beams
and boards?

Do we not
tame their
raging streams
to carry our

And in their
youth and fool-
ishness, did his
brothers say,
"Yes, let us."

-- Collected letters of the smith-in-exile

With the Talismans, I'll be able to break the wards on the Cathedral. It's time
for me to retrieve "The Eye" and bring it to Constantine.

TG B11 01

Last time I was here, "The Eye" was inside, in plain sight on the main altar. I
just have to grab it, and leave.

TG B11 02

But that won't necessarily be easy if the place is as haunted as it looked before.
TG B11 03

So if things get tough, there is another way out, throught the gate in the Cloister,
behind the Cathedral. The sooner this ordeal is over with, the better. When I get
paid for this job, I'm gonna retire in style.

TG B11 04