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Having pledged
our honour as
shield over Air[1],
we must
be mindful.

Let it[2] be locked
away and safe,
but ever in view
of the faithful.

are hostage
to our care.

-- Hammerite Sermon of the Talisman[3]

Getting the Talisman of Air[4] will be an interesting challenge, but I'll need it[5]
if I want to get "The Eye" for Constantine. It's[6] well hidden inside the city's
Hammer Temple, so I'll have to do some scouting around.

TG B10 01

Problem is the place is fully active, day and night, not even I could stay
undetected for very long. Well they say that the best place to hide a
letter is on the mantlepiece.

TG B10 02

With that in mind I'll be going in by the front door, dressed as a Hammerite
Novice. That should be perfect since Novices aren't allowed to speak while on
the Temple grounds.

TG B10 03

My contacts can get me a Novice's pass to get me through the gate. Once inside
I'll be free to take my time, explore the place thoroughly, and find the
Talisman[7], as long as I don't do anything violent, or get caught somewhere I
shouldn't be. Because as the new arrival I'll be the first person they suspect
if anything goes wrong.

TG B10 04


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