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The Lost CityEdit

The knowledge
of those who
came before
could neither
be disseminated
or destroyed.

Its power
would be a
dangerous tool
in the wrong

but would also
insure against

At that time
we chose to
maintain it
with writings
preserved in

-- Keeper Annals

The Keepers have hidden the Talisman of Fire [1] in a place they call "The Lost City".

TG B09 01

Some kind of cataclysm buried the place underground ages ago.

TG B09 02

The Keepers have sealed the access to the city, a cleft in the river bottom near
the east side. If the materials in the library are right, the strange stone I
found can be used to open that seal.

TG B09 03

I've also got a map, it's so old the edges crumble in my hands. It shows the
city, or at least how it was back then. I hope the old place hasn't changed much.

TG B09 04


  1. Thief: The Dark Project - "Talismans of Fire and Water"