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The Haunted CathedralEdit

Come the time
of peril, did
the ground
gape, and did
the dead rest
unquiet 'gainst

Our bands of
iron and
hammers of
prevailed not,

and some did
doubt the
Builder's plan.

But the seals
held strong,
and the few
did triumph,

and the
doubters were
lain into the
of the new

-- Collected letters of the smith-in-exile

The Eye that Constantine wants is in the abandoned cathedral of the Hammerites.
The cathedral is located in the section of the city that was deserted years ago,
after some kind of catastrophe.

TG B07 01

I've heard stories of the incident, most are wild rumours about hordes of
zombies and raging fires.

TG B07 02

Now that part of the city is walled off, no one's allowed to go in. Not
that many people would dare to in the first place.

TG B07 03

Maps of the area are easy to find, in attics, and old trunks, but like all of
them, the one I've got is over fifty years old.

TG B07 04

I'll make my way through the ruins to the Hammerite cathedral, and find a
way inside. Once I get inside the cathedral, I'll have to locate The Eye.

TG B07 05

Something tells me that this is not going to be easy. But for the amount I'm
getting paid, I'm willing to take some serious risks.