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The ancient
was again

To do more
would have
upset the
balance, but
we knew to
remain ever
vigilant lest
it resurface.

Neither the
Hammers nor
the pagans
could be
trusted not
to meddle.

-- Keeper Annals

I had some money to spare after disposing of the Horn, so it
seemed time to invest in some

TG B05 01

Farkus is one of the few merchants willing to risk selling to
an independent like me, and his prices are steep...

TG B05 02

but the other choice is to let one of the so-called "City Wardens"
give me orders...And take a cut of my profits.
They'd been after me for years to join one of their stables,
but I'm not interested. Maybe they'll get the idea and give up.

TG B05 03

More likely they'll just ramp up the threats.

TG B05 04

Nothing I can't handle if I'm careful. And lucky. And my luck
seems to have finally turned for the better.

TG B05 05