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Down in the BonehoardEdit

...And the
manfools piled
rock on rocks
and raised
a treesie roof,

hammers saws
tear the skin of
goodsie wood...

...and laughs at
the Woodsie

...And when
learns the
Lord of this, He
sends His
beastesses to
the manfools...

...who attacks
and hammers
saws their use-
less fleshes,

and build him
a house of they
rotting skins.

-- Unattributed Trickster song

I was pissed at Cutty for a good while after the...prison debacle. But hey, you
can't blame him for what the Hammers did to him. So I decided to go after that
horn Felix talked about. Not like I had a whole lot of choice, really...the rent
is due...and my landlord's even tougher than the Hammers.

TG B04 01

The map's pretty specific about where the entrance is. Too bad it's not as clear
about where the Horn is. Felix did some scrounging before he left, and his notes
say the horn is in the tomb of some nobles...the Quintus family. Guess I'll just
have to explore.

TG B04 02

Felix, always helpful, also said that the catacombs are supposed to be haunted.
Think I'll go make some inquiries about where a heretic like me can get some
holy water. Always go prepared.

TG B04 03