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Time StoppingEdit

Keeper1: For this book to be found now...surely it is a bad sign...

Orland: Silence. Caduca is about to begin.

Time stopping 01

Caduca: Yes...this passage here speaks to us now...very powerful... Savort temporalis... nundamay... cor mallus... reportorta im visitablum.

Gamall: When the progress of time ceases... be...appointed.

Time stopping 02 Time stopping 03

Caduca: No, no... cor mallus... reportorta... im visitablum!

Gamall: The evil ones... will be... pointed out... for all to see.

Time stopping 04 Time stopping 05

Keeper2: When the progress of time...ceases? What could it mean?

Keeper3: We must wait, and watch. The meaning of the prophecy will become time.

Garrett: Wait? After I found your precious book? No...when time stops...'the evil will be pointed out', or whatever she said. Don't you want to know what we're up against?

Time stopping 06

Orland: What would you do? Stop time with your bare hands? You cannot make the prophecies come to pass, thief. It is folly to think so.

Garrett: You can't, but...maybe I can. I could break into the Clocktower in Stonemarket, find some way to...stop the clock from running...

Time stopping 07

Keeper3: Perhaps the Stonemarket clock could be considered a symbol of time, but if you are suggesting sabotage-

Orland: You would accomplish nothing, except further enraging the Hammerites...

Keeper4: With Caduca so close to discovering the Brethren and Betrayer, Garrett...

Time stopping 08

Garrett: I'm not going to sit around doing nothing. That's your job.

Orland: Fool! I forbid you to go to the Clocktower, or to interfere with the prophecy in any way.

Garrett: You forget...I don't take orders from you.

Keeper2: He has left, First Keeper Orland.

Orland: Yes...I can see that.

Time stopping 09