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Splinter GroupEdit

Keeper1: I'm serious I don't think this is right...

Splinter group 01

Garrett: Keepers. Taking a break from trying to kill me?

Splinter group 02

Keeper1: Not all Keepers believe you are guilty, Garrett.

Female Keeper: But neither had we the evidence to alter the outcome of your trial.

Splinter group 03

Keeper2: The trial was a disgrace. Orland is not fit. He knows he must replace Caduca, so he plans to promote that...that child, Gamall, to the position of Interpreter.

Splinter group 04

Garrett: So you formed your own little club.

Splinter group 05

Female Keeper: There are others too. The Keeper hierarchy flux. We know Orland tried to frame you, but we cannot discern his motives.

Splinter group 06

Garrett: That's easy. Orland is the Brethren and Betrayer...and he knew Caduca was on to him. He needed to kill her before she announced his name, and thought he could get rid of me at the same time.

Splinter group 07

Female Keeper: That is only one of many possibilities, Garrett.

Keeper2: He has suppressed all inquiries into the Clocktower prophecy. Have you heard? From above, the rubble forms an arrow...and it points directly at the Keeper Library.

Splinter group 08

Garrett: ...the evil one will be pointed to...

Keeper2: It is as if someone actively seeks to bring the dark age upon us. There is...a corruption...whenever the glyphs-

Female Keeper: Keeper Artemus hasn't been seen since before the trial. He confided in me that he no longer knew who to trust... he acted secretive.

Keeper1: But he was right...there is no way to know who to trust... the degree to which the glyphs-

Splinter group 09

Female Keeper: Orland fears you still, and he will until the Enforcers bring him your corpse.

Keeper2: He has used a binding glyph to seal every Glyph Door in the whole city. He is watching all of us. Until you are found, no one is allowed to enter or leave the Compound.

Keeper1: We've been using Orland's own secret tunnel. It connects the Compound to his office in the Library. There is much danger, but it is the only way we can meet without being overheard.

Female Keeper: Perhaps we can you. The Keeper Assassins won't have given up, and...

Garrett: You've helped me already.

Keeper2: Why? What do you intend to do?

Garrett: Find some proof that Orland is guilty. That shouldn't be too hard.

Splinter group 10

Female Keeper: Oh? Where do you think you will find this ... proof? Garrett?

Splinter group 11