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Contract on the life of Alcius, P. Brydecker, blackmailer, residing at the house at the end of Sootspire Road.
As proof of his death, bring Brydecker's Signet Ring to the Empty Noose Tavern.  Drop said ring in the box,
and the balance of payment will be dispensed forthwith. Signed X – (If you knew, I'd have to have you killed too!)


Friday I managed an invitation to the Pipperin party – or should I say lifted an invitation. Should be a good
way to catch up with Lord Conniff, who's late in his payment. I suspect his heart isn't in it after all this
time and money.  I'll have to remind him of what will happen if his wife finds out about his indiscretions. 
Lady Elizabeth is making a play for the Opal.  Not sure what the Rutherford's see in that thing, but
unfortunately for them, a thief named Garrett nabbed it.  She's been a little sloppy, making inquiries about
him in all sorts of places.  Even asking if the poor fellow takes health potions.  Wonder how much it would
be worth to him to know about Lady E's fondness for poisons.


The Empty Noose is closed today due to a crime scene.  No one is allowed inside.

Excerpted from the "MostThiefTexts" document, as a placeholder. [1]

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