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Keeper ProphesiesEdit

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Keeper prophesies 03

Caduca: ...the repetition of these three glyphs, here, and here - Now is the termanus embolia di annuin, verbanus nil...

Keeper prophesies 04

Gamall: The Times Unwritten, the end of words...

Caduca: ...And here, again the mark of the fratel i traderus...

Gamall: Brethren and Betrayer.

Keeper prophesies 05

Caduca: ... yes, warnings, terrible: An vesagin sa fallere. Dei kardum porta animus potentium-

Keeper prophesies 06

Gamall: My hand falls useless to my side. Doubly cursed in living death.

Keeper prophesies 07

Keeper1: The prophecies are clear, there is much ahead to be wary of. Interpreter Caduca, your words are most useful to -

Garrett: Clear as mud. Exactly what will happen? And what are we supposed to do about it? I'm still waiting to see a useful book.

Artemus: We must first understand the Unwritten Times, if we are to prevent them.

Keeper2: First Keeper Orland demands immediate audience.

Keeper prophesies 08

Garrett: You've moved up in the world, Orland. Nice view.

Orland: Yes, I have. It's "First Keeper Orland" now, Garrett. Within these walls you answer to me.

Garrett: You called me here to remind me you're in charge? The job must not keep you very busy.

Keeper prophesies 09

Orland: You inquired about books. "Useful" books.

Keeper prophesies 10

Garrett: That's right. You must have something in here worth reading.

Keeper prophesies 11

Orland: You think you might shape events more skillfully, read the signs more clearly? The prophecies -

Keeper prophesies 12

Garrett: "Shape events"? Interesting way to put it. I'm here now. Do you want my help or not?

Keeper prophesies 13

Orland: Very well. This will admit you to certain areas of the Library. Do not venture further. You will not ply your trade here, thief. If anything happens, you will be held accountable. Is this clear?

Garrett: Perfectly. Perhaps you should translate for Caduca.

Keeper prophesies 14