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Garrett on TrialEdit

Garrett on trial 01 Garrett on trial 02

Keeper1: Interpreter Caduca? Caduca? Keeper Orland! Caduca is dead! M-murdered! I went to bring her the copy of Marand she requested, but then her door was open, she never leaves it open, and I looked in and...and--

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Orland: Garrett has killed Interpreter Caduca, you say? Seize him and bring him to the Council Room.

Garrett on trial 05

Orland: ...This is the only murder in our ranks since these halls were founded by the first of our ancestors...

Garrett on trial 06

Female Keeper1: ... But Garrett had no reason to kill Caduca. Has he not walked in line with the Prophecies before?

Garrett on trial 07

Keeper2: ...and yet some say the Prophecies point to him as Brethren and Betrayer, surely he knew that the Interpreter was about to name...

Keeper3: ...Do not forget that Garrett killed Constantine, yes, and Karras as well – his hands - long stained with blood!

Female Keeper2: ...a thief, and no stranger to murder is he...

Keeper5:...does not match the manner in which Caduca was killed! How could Garrett have been the one who committed this act...

Garrett on trial 08

Artemus: ...remember that we asked Garrett to join us, to share his knowledge and skill, but now we turn upon him without proof as if we have put aside...

Garrett on trial 09

Keeper2:...broke in and destroyed the clock tower, petty vandalism as one might expect from a...

Female Keeper1:...noticed that the clock tower does appear that way from some angles. We must consider the implications! If that prophecy refers to one of us...

Orland: ...any discussion about the clock tower is *irrelevant*! The matter at hand is murder! Done by one who we accepted as our guest and brother...

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Garrett on trial 12

...seems to me that these proceedings are highly irregular. Should we not...

Garrett on trial 13 Garrett on trial 14

Orland: I have heard enough! Garrett, have you anything to say before sentence is passed?

Garrett: You haven't listened to anyone else yet, Orland. Why start now?

Orland: Silence! You are declared guilty of Interpreter Caduca's murder! Your punishment will be determined by the Council. Now remove him!

Garrett on trial 15 Garrett on trial 16

Keeper2: I regret to inform you that Garrett has escaped.

Orland: Very good. Call together the Keeper Enforcers. They will track him down and... erase our problem.