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First ContactEdit

TDS first contact 01

Garrett: I don't like being followed. Cryptic notes, secret meetings. Haven't you Keepers outgrown this stuff yet?
Artemus: It was not our intention to be...cryptic.

TDS first contact 02

Garrett: What was your intention? Don't I have friends on the Keeper Council any more?
Artemus: More than you know. Garrett, may I speak?

TDS first contact 03

Garrett: Sure. Talk.
Artemus: The Keeper Council has agreed to allow you access to the prophecies as they are read by our interpreter, Keeper Caduca.

TDS first contact 04

Garrett: That's Keeper talk for, "something bad has happened and now we want your help", Right?
Artemus: But...there is something they require of you first.
Garrett: Go on.

TDS first contact 05

TDS first contact 06

Artemus: Two objects, one with the Hammerites, the other, with the Pagans. They are...unusual.
We wish to study them further. We need you to acquire them for us.

TDS first contact 07

Garrett: You mean steal them. Are you sure these are the only hoops your Keeper friends need me to jump through
before I'm allowed to hear the prophecies?
Artemus: It's true that through this you will have proven that you are trustworthy. None of this choice.

TDS first contact 08

Garrett: I'll get you the trinkets; you just make sure your Keeper buddies come through on their end of the bargain.

TDS first contact 09

Artemus: I will... Garrett? ...Garrett?