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Drepts TaleEdit

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Drept: This place hath nothing of value for thee to steal.

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Garrett: I'm more interested in those papers of yours, if they can tell me anything about... a crone that talks to statues.

Drept: Thou hast seen the hag?

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Garrett: Not just seen - she tried to kill me. But I hear you've been trailing her for years.

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Drept: Yea, I hath followed her trail, but it hath not been clear. I hath even doubted, anon, that her crimes wert more than mine own imaginings. But that thou hath seen her as well...

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Drept: 'Twas in mine boyhood, in the orphanage known as the Shalebridge Cradle that I spied her. I didst play at a game with mine friend, I wast hidden, and mine friend sought me... then a hag, a bent and evil apparition, came from the darkness... near enough to touch, and mine friend didst scream... but I was a child, and afraid... and then ‘twas over.

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Drept: The orphanage grew a dark and haunted place, and now none dare enter. When came I to mine manhood and wast saved by the Order of the Hammer, I sought the hag again. The hag wears death about her as a cloak some who meet her doth vanish, others perish with bloody work done upon their bodies. There art hints spoken of creatures made of stone. And ever, the tale of a hag, a bent old woman. Ever old, but growing no older, in a span that hath taken me from boyhood to mine own age.

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Garrett: Can you tell me how to find her?

Drepts tale 15

Drept: She finds her prey now in Auldale, but twas in Shalebridge her murders didst begin. Seekst thou a start upon her trail there. Tis the only place I hath e're spied her for certain, but... I dare never return.. to that place.

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Garrett: It's a good place to start looking. I have no interest in being the latest in her string of murders.