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Artemus ReturnsEdit

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Garrett: I thought I told you, I don't like being followed.

Artemus: Our separate paths have converged, Garrett. We both seek the same thing.

Artemus returns 03

Garrett: Hmm. I suppose if you were working for Gamall, you would have tried to kill me just now.

Artemus returns 04

Artemus: Tried? I would have succeeded. Look around us, Garrett. This is Gamall's secret library. Here she has been lurking...plotting...and for much longer than just one lifetime. She has used the glyphs to...extend her life. And there's more...

Garrett: You've been reading, Artemus.

Artemus: Yes. We are fortunate. In these books, Gamall has documented her plans carefully...but the meaning of that map is not yet clear to me...

Chalice. Crown. These things are marked with the names of the artifacts.

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Artemus: These books – some have been missing for months, some...maybe years. She does not say what the Final Glyph does, only that she will become undefeatable once she... The Auldale plaza... The South Quarter fountain...

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Garrett: Well, now we know what to do with the Artifacts once we have them. They fit into those landmarks somehow...

Artemus: She has been gaining knowledge...while our ignorance grew...

Garrett: Do the books say where she is now?

Artemus returns 09

Artemus: The remaining Treasures, they the Museum. She hopes to gather them all at once.

Garrett: And when she has them, she'll activate this: The ‘Last of all Glyphs'.

Artemus: No. No. The books are very clear on that. She intends to destroy it. When she has all the Treasures, she'll have the power to do just that. The Last Glyph is the only thing she fears ... well that, and you, my friend.

Artemus returns 10

Garrett: Destroy it? But that's what Orland and the others told me to do. Half truths from the Keepers...why am I not surprised?

Artemus: For the council to still employ subterfuge, with all that's at stake... I will go to Orland myself and get the truth from him. You should-

Garrett: Go to the Museum, and steal the remaining Artifacts before Gamall gets to them.

Artemus returns 11

Artemus: Then let us meet back at Stone Market plaza. And Garrett, if you come face to face with Gamall, you must understand, ...with her power over glyphs, she is all but indestructible.

Garrett: Right. I'll keep that in mind... Artemus?