The T:DS South Quarter area is a combination of South Quarter, Garrett's Apartment Building, the Pagan Sanctuary, and Pavelock Prison.

The colored map was created with South Quarter as a base and the Apartment, Sanctuary and Prison attached via common gateways that were near perfect in T3Ed.

South Quarter is two maps, SQ and Garrett's Apartment (North East), gateway being the apartment building door.

Pavelock Prison is a stand alone map.

The Pagan Sanctuary is two maps, the Pagan Tunnels (South) and the Pagan Sanctuary (North), connected via a manhole.

Alignment is based on the orientation in T3Ed and the in-game compass of all maps (up is north).

Garrett's building aligns perfectly into its place in the north east of the South Quarter.

The Pagan Sanctuary entrance aligns with the well in the east of South Quarter.

Pavelock Prison has two exits, the street grate(East) was used for alignment.

TDS SQ editor colored

Map Dimensions:

Height: 497FT

Width: 420FT


General Location: In the City

Placement of this combined section is based on the Fountain artifact location (left middle).