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Artemus vs OrlandEdit

Artemus vs Orland 01

Garrett: Artemus. What are you doing here?

Artemus/Gamall: I have figured it all out, Garrett. The artifacts, give them to me. I will show you all the answers.

Artemus vs Orland 02 Artemus vs Orland 03

Garrett: What do you mean, give them to you? Did you find Orland? What's wrong with you?

Artemus vs Orland 04 Artemus vs Orland 05

Orland: Artemus. And Garrett! I am glad that I caught up with you. I was... you were right, Artemus. I have lost my balance! Your words kept at me, nagging, even after you had gone. It was the glyphs. Their draw has been too powerful to us. Once we used them to be Keepers of the City. But now what do we keep safe? An empty box, a book of blank pages...

Artemus vs Orland 06 Artemus vs Orland 07

Artemus/Gamall: You speak nonsense, Orland.

Artemus vs Orland 08

Orland: No, no, you were right. I've been refusing to see. The clock tower, I thought it pointed to me, but it meant all of us. Finally I understand why the glyph prophecies can no longer see into the future.

Artemus/Gamall: Return to the Library, Orland, now is not the time.

Orland: The glyphs have become our keepers, we can no longer use them to protect our interests... We must tell Garrett the truth.

Artemus/Gamall: Orland...

Orland: Garrett, what we told are the one who must use the artifacts, that much is true. But you are not to destroy the Final Glyph. No, you must–

Artemus vs Orland 09 Artemus vs Orland 10

Gamall: Yes, yes, thinking, too clever, but still one step behind. Your Keeper Artemus, convenient to use his form to take the Artifacts from you. His life... mine, mine now. And yours... Where?! No! But no use hiding; a thousand eyes I have to spy after you. No use running, fleeing - a thousand legs at my bidding! I will prevail! I have lived years decades centuries, I will live forever!

Artemus vs Orland 11 Artemus vs Orland 12