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Calls the serpents to
the heel of my foes!
Calls the ravens to
pecks their eyes!

Calls the jackals,
carry thems away
their children to gnaw
bones in the night!

-- Pagan curse

I went to Markham's Isle looking for three things: Viktoria's agent, the
Cetus Project, and Brother Cavador. There wasn't much I could do to help
old Lotus, at least he passed on his information to me.

T2 B15 01

And now I know more about the Cetus Project than I ever wanted to. They've built
a ship that can can sail underwater. Turns out this ugly iron fish is my link to Cavador.

T2 B15 02

The only way I can reach him is to hitch a ride in its belly. Viktoria had better
appreciate all the trouble I'm going through. 'Course it's not enough just to
find Brother Cavador at this mysterious "K.D. site", I said I'd bring him
back... in one piece.

T2 B15 03

Maybe I should find some other way home, I'm cramped enough here without Cavador in tow.
Besides, travelling Mechanist-style just doesn't agree with me, and as long as I'm going
to their secret site I might as well as keep my eyes and ears open. Sometimes it's the
smallest leak that makes the biggest difference.

T2 B15 04