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Precious CargoEdit

Even with all
we had learned,
some events were to
prove more complex
than we had predicted.

The most unlikely
of alliances
was also the
most effective.

-- Chronicle of the Metal Age.

Garrett: I hate to admit it, but you were right about the New Scripture of the Master
Builder. Karras is up to something, and that book is his master plan. It's too bad
he's gone into hiding, or I'd make him eat his words.

T2 B14 01

Viktoria: Karras is... fanatical by nature, but now I fear his ambition as well.
Servant: Please help me.
Viktoria: You say he's giving these 'servants' as gifts?
Garrett: Yes, and they must be connected somehow to the scripture. The servants are
weapons, and the nobles have just invited them into their homes. I should be so lucky.

T2 B14 02

Viktoria: And the schematics confirmed what my agents presumed: Markham's Isle is the
staging area for the Cetus Project.
Garrett: You knew about Markham's Isle?! Do you know what it took to get into that
office?! I don't appreciate you wasting my time.
Viktoria: You are arrogant, Garrett. Yet, you underestimate your own importance to the
cause, your actions have been invaluable.
Garrett: Do you know what the Cetus Project is?

T2 B14 03

Viktoria: The schematics are too technical to decipher, but the name they reference,
Brother Cavador, is the best lead we've had in months.
Garrett: Then we need him. I'm sure you'd love to ask a high-ranking Mechanist a few
questions. I'll go see if I can't convince Cavador to come back with me.
T2 B14 04

Viktoria: There is much we can learn from him. Lotus, my agent on Markham's Isle, may
have information on Cavador. Unfortunately, we've had no word from him for some time.
Garrett: The he got careless. I won't make the same mistake.
Viktoria: I have hope that Lotus is still alive. He's a faithful agent and a trusted
friend. If you could find him, we would be in your debt.
Garrett: I just hope you realize the risks I've been taking for you. It's not
everyday my services come so cheap.

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