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Life of the PartyEdit

The Builder has gifted
thee with the greatest
of all treasures -
the future!

But thine own will
forges the key
that opens the lock.

-- Karras, private correspondence

Garrett: The New Scripture of the Master Builder?
Viktoria: Karras is rewriting ancient Hammer texts. But to what end, we don't know.
Garrett: So you want me to find out.

T2 B11 01

Viktoria: Yes. But there's a more pressing problem. Karras is throwing a ball for
the local nobility at Angelwatch, the new Mechanist tower in Dayport. We
need to know what he is up to. You have to be there, Garrett, tonight, while
the party is in progress.

T2 B11 02

Garrett: Angelwatch? Is this how our arrangement is gonna work, you coming up
with ways for me to get myself killed?
Viktoria: Is this really Garrett the Master Thief I hear talking? If danger is
going to be a problem for you, then...
Garrett: Just-- give me the details.
Viktoria: Security at the tower will be extra heavy with the City's nobility in
attendance, so gaining entrance will be difficult.

T2 B11 04 T2 B11 03

Garrett: For you maybe, but I won't be knocking on the front door. The rooftops
aren't called the Thieves' Highway for nothing.
Viktoria: I have some equipment for you. You should begin immediately. And also...
Garrett: Remember to pickpocket the party guests.

T2 B11 05 T2 B11 06

Viktoria: must find out whatever you can about the Cetus Project, a name our
agents have overheard repeatedly. Karras has an office in the tower. Try to
obtain some information there.
Garrett: Brilliant idea, try to find information about Karras' secret project... in his office.
Viktoria: You do remember who the enemy is, don't you Garrett?
Garrett: If your information is wrong, and I end up risking my neck for nothing,
this arrangement is over. Then try asking me that question again.

T2 B11 07