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Trail of BloodEdit

Saws we them
man o'moons faces,
rounds o'glows brights
in them summer night sky,

saids them to us that
winter comes earlies,
summer is gone,
and the harvest is fled.

-- From a Pagan song

The portal from the graveyard deposited me in a grove of trees and the wounded
Pagan I was following is nowhere in sight. He's carrying Mosley's letter and I'd
still like to know where he's heading with it.

T2 B10 01

My plan is to track him and find out what's been going on.

T2 B10 02

The Pagan has a headstart in what is probably familiar territory to him,

T2 B10 03

but there's some blood on the ground. I'm hoping he's in too much of a hurry to stop and
tend to that wound so he'll leave a trail of blood that I can follow, that's unless he
bleeds to death before he gets where he's going.

T2 B10 04

Meanwhile, I have no idea where I am or what I'll be up against and even if I did
there's no going back for supplies. If I believed in it, now it would be a good time
for me to wish for luck.

T2 B10 05