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To manipulate a man
is a careful project.

Too light a hand, and
he follows his own whim;
too heavy a hand,
and he will turn on you.

-- Chronicle of the Metal Age

It's time for a face to face chat with my old friend Sheriff Truart.

T2 B09 01

Work out our differences, show him the little piece of evidence I lifted from the Mechanists.
I'm sure he'll appreciate the consequences if this were to be made public.

T2 B09 02

Truart was acting for somebody when his cronies ambushed me back at the Crippled Burrick
Inn. I bet he'll be happy to tell me who that was.

T2 B09 03

It was cocktail night at Truart Estate, which meant I needed to wait until all the
guests had cleared out. Truart has beefed up security since becoming Sheriff, so
breaking in may prove to be a little... difficult.

T2 B09 04 T2 B09 05

Hopefully some drunken guest left me an open door. By the time I find my way in the
Sheriff will be fast asleep. I watched the last guest leave about an hour ago and the
servants are no doubt cleaning up while the rest of the house turns in for the night.
Now to find my way over that wall.

T2 B09 06