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Trace the CourierEdit

He who keeps
his work in disorder
gives home to chaos.

Let him be struck
with stone and iron
to forge away
his flaws.

-- Collected sermons of Karras

Things are getting very complicated. Even with Truart dead my problems are far from
over and whoever hired the Sheriff to kill me is still out there.

T2 B08 01

The keyring I found at Truart's house belongs to Lt. Mosley of the City Watch, but
it turns out she has an alibi for the murder itself. Still, she's probably
neck-deep in this whole mess.

T2 B08 02

I don't know what's going on, and I don't like that. So I started following Mosley.
I knew sooner or later she'd have to tip her hand and contact her friends.

T2 B08 03

And sure enough, she just left the local Watch station well before schedule carrying a
letter. This is my chance. If I can trail her without being spotted I should be able to
find who's on the other end of this little conspiracy.

T2 B08 04 T2 B08 05