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Shipping... and ReceivingEdit

Blessed be the forge,
which gives shape
unto metal,
and steam
unto the boiler.

Blessed be the fire
of the Builder
and the Forge of Karras.

-- Mechanist Common Prayer

Business has been kind of slow these days, thanks to Sheriff Gorman Truart.

T2 B02 01

He's been coming down hard on my competition and anyone else he deems
unlawful. I've been playing it safe by keeping a low profile, but as my
landlord recently reminded me the rent is late. He says he's gonna pay me a
visit tomorrow to collect, so I'll have to go amateur for some quick cash.

T2 B02 02

The warehouses by the docks should fit the bill. In addition to the usual
shipping traffic there's also a small smuggling operation, sponsored by the
local underground. Not too many guards, lots of dark corners, and several
points of entry should make this job painless, and profitable.

T2 B02 03

Maybe I'll even have something left over for myself, once the rent is paid.
Huh, wasn't that long ago that I was planning on my retirement, now the only
thing that's getting retired is my standards.

T2 B02 04

If things get any worse I'll have to go back to picking pockets in the streets.

T2 B02 05