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Cutscene 16Edit

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Karras: Stood the Master Builder upon the ground, and he saw that the ground
was good, and clean. No grasses marred his path, nay, not a whisp of vilest weed
did spoil his view. Let thy furnace be fueled...

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Robot: Builder fuel us.
Karras: Let thy buildings be sound.
Robot: Builder fuel us.
Karras: Let thy foes be vanquished, and all thyn endeavours be a blessing unto thee!
Robot: Builder, Forger, Father, fuel us now.

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Robot: When I was very young, Karras took me away from the foundry mother and
said, 'thou art the child of my endeavours. Follow me and thou shalt... inherit
the Earth...'

T2 CS16 11

Garrett: All this? It was written?
Keeper: All.
Garrett: Viktoria's death... and Karras... was it written? In your books?
Keeper: All is... as it was written.
Garrett: And there's more?
Keeper: Yes.
Garrett: Tell me!

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