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Cutscene 10Edit

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Viktoria: Garrett.
Garrett: Viktoria.

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Viktoria: (laughs) Garrett, who is it you wish to fight? Me, or my Thistleaids, or the Sycamore?
Garrett: Just You.

T2 CS10 05

Viktoria: I am not the enemy Garrett, nor anyone here. Here is your enemy: Mechanists.
It's no secret that they wish to destroy you too, hero that you are, regardless
you will join us in our struggle against them.
Garrett: Join you? Not really my first choice.

T2 CS10 06

Viktoria: Choice?! My choice is to avenge the death of a friend! You understand nothing
of suffering and duty, pathetic manfool! In one moment I could... The past is the
past, now we have an enemy in common. Even you must see that it is so.
Garrett: I seem to have a lot of enemies lately. Anyway, you have matters well in hand.

T2 CS10 07

Viktoria: It is true that I am powerful, but I draw my strength from this place. Where
the Mechanists are, I am not so assured of victory.
Garrett: Pity.
Viktoria: I have no time for your vengeful thoughts and biting words. But be assured,
Garrett, you're stronger with us than without us. We have been watching the
Mechanists for three moons. Pagan agents are posted in every sector of the city.
Your report, Larkspur?
Larkspur: One loss in the old city, and two more in Dayport.

T2 CS10 08

Viktoria: Sometimes enemies must join forces to overcome a more terrible foe. So
tell me, Garrett, yes or no. Are we agreed to work together, sharing
knowledge and skills against the Mechanists?
Garrett: I...
Viktoria: I put vengeance aside. The earth keeps my promise for me. Now you
have my oath on it, I'm cursed if I break the covenant, now your answer.
Garrett: I... agree...that.....arg
Viktoria: Good. The Earth keeps your promise for you.

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