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There are those
to whom knowledge
is a shield,
and those to whom
it is a weapon.

Neither view is balanced,
but one is less unwise.

-- Keeper annals

T2 B13 01

Garrett: Now that I've established such a close working relationship with Lord
Gervaisius' security systems, going back in for those masks shouldn't be
too much trouble.
Viktoria: I hope we can count on the quality of this... working relationship.

T2 B13 02

Garrett: Gervaisius' security system are not the most dangerous thing I've ever
worked with.
Viktoria: Do I have to ask what is?
Garrett: Hmmm, we're on the clock. How has Karras been using the time we've had to wait?

T2 B13 03

Viktoria: He's been making some modifications to the Mechanist cathedral... including
some sort of valves or seals on the doors. Why, we don't know yet. Inside, it
just looks like a huge factory, full of machines and equipment. Whatever it is,
I'm sure it's tied in to those Precursor artifacts. The sooner we can get a hold
of those, the sooner we'll know.
Garrett: And get Karras off our backs.
Viktoria: And stop whatever he's planning.
Garrett: Uh-huh, don't wait up. I'll be working late.

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