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Casing the JointEdit

When we looked
at the relics
of the Precursors,
we saw the height
civilization can attain.

When we looked
at their ruins,
we marked the danger
of that height.
-- Keeper annals

T2 B12 01

Viktoria: Our guest, Cavador, just spilled his guts.
Garrett: Not literally?
Viktoria: It wasn't necessary. Cavador was instructed to deliver two sorts of
artifacts, brass masks and...

T2 B12 02

Garrett: Those slave masks on Karras' servants?
Viktoria: ...and some sort of agricultural device called a Cultivator. Thirty of each.
Garrett: Each? So they're connected.
Viktoria: We have to assume so. Unfortunately, our efforts to secure a mask have
been, ah, frustrated.

T2 B12 03

Garrett: Hmm. Listen. I think I know where we can lay our hands on one of those
masks. There's a collector named Bram Gervaisius with an interest in masks
and headdresses. Last time I was down in the Lost City he had a commission
out for that sort of thing.
Viktoria: Gervaisius? I've had an agent on his case, and apparently the Mechanists
have been making ouvertures.

T2 B12 04

T2 B12 05

Garrett: Three guesses why. What can your agent give me on his house?
Viktoria: Gervaisius is planning an exhibition. He's bringing his collection with
him from his summer home. The private exhibit areas are on the top floor,
access is by elevator controlled from the top floor. It's almost air-tight.
Garrett: Almost?
Viktoria: There's talk of a secret passage. Unfortunately, its location remains... secret.

T2 B12 06

Garrett: Then I'll need to find it. Now. We can't afford any delays later when the
masks arrive. Karras is holed up inside the Mechanist cathedral and it looks
like whatever he's up to, we're running out of time.